Sky Thai sends your taste buds sky high

By Jennifer Baeskens |Staff Writer|

food 1Sky Thai is a small restaurant tucked away between a liquor store and a super market on North Mountain View Ave. This hidden gem offers great, authentic Thai food at great prices.
Thai food is usually the last thing on students’ minds when there is greasy fast food restaurants littered across San Bernardino.
“I’ve been looking for a good Thai food restaurant close to school,” said Patrice Thompson, a Public Health Major at CSUSB. “This place is great and it is so close to school.”
Sky Thai has over 80 different traditional Thai items, including Thai BBQ.
The atmosphere is very quaint and peaceful and offers students a relaxing aura that let’s them enjoy their lunch and get away from the campus chaos.
The staff at Sky Thai is very friendly and will answer any questions that you may have about menu items.
Sky Thai’s cuisine is very traditional and unlike other restaurants the cuisine they prepare makes you feel full and light but not too full or make you sleepy during your next class.
“I came in here hungry, normally after lunch I feel so heavy, but after eating at Sky Thai, I feel fresh and full,” said Thompson.
Sky Thai is great for students who want to try something new at a reasonable price.
I ordered Pad Thai, chicken satay, and vegetarian spring rolls.
The chicken satay came out first. This dish included cucumber salad and peanut sauce to dip the chicken in. The chicken was light and refreshing with great flavor.
The peanut sauce made a great dipping sauce and really brought out the flavor of the salad and the chicken.
The vegetarian spring rolls were filled with a variety of vegetables but the mint leaves really stood out and added a great twist to the rolls.

food 2
Pad Thai is usually a predictable dish, but the Pad Thai at Sky Thai, was anything but predictable. It had exceptional flavor that was brought out by the taste of peanut sauce and the crushed peanuts that were sprinkled on top.
Vegetarians don’t have to worry.
There are plenty of vegetarian friendly items to choose from such as vegetable fried rice, tofu, and eggplant with rice.
There is also rice and orange chicken, which is a great option for children and people that are not too sure about Thai food but want to give it a try.

food 3
There are also an array of drinks ranging from Thai tea, boba, fruit smoothies and hot green tea.
The prices at Sky Thai were very reasonable for students trying to stick to a budget.
The chicken was only $7.95 while the Pad Thai was only $6.95. They also offer take out which is great if you are on the go.
Sky Thai is located at 154 W. 40th street, San Bernardino. They are open everyday from 10:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.
If you’re looking for something delicious and outside the box, Sky Thai is the place for you.


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