Shack up with Joe for some tasty crab

By Cheran Dinger |Staff Writer|

The shack is always shaking at Joe’s Crab Shack in Rancho Cucamonga. With an offbeat atmosphere, music pumping and mountains of crab legs and seafood glare, it’s the happening spot of the Inland Empire.

“I love the décor of this place. It something different from every other chain restaurant around here,” said Natasha Boyer, a regular patron of the restaurant.

The walls are lined with random nick-knacks you would find either at your grandmother’s house or an abandoned pirate ship.

“It’s a great place to bring the whole family. I can bring my crazy kids and just tucker them out on the playground while I drink a Perfect Patron Margarita” said Nancy Porter, another guest of the restaurant.

As I sit in my booth the disco lights come on. My server, Clayton comes around the corner and asks me if I want to boogie with him and the crew. I giggle slightly and politely decline. The servers then scatter around the restaurant and start to do a choreographed danced to “Soul Train.” The restaurant is filled with cheers and claps.

“In a downward economy Joe’s Crab Shack is one of the few that are thriving and expanding to open new restaurants nationwide. What sets us apart is we can offer a unique experience you can’t get anywhere else. Great food, friendly faces and a riveting good time,” said T.J. Wickham, a manager of the “Crab Shack.”

Going into the fifth year there are no signs of The Shack closing its doors anytime soon.

One of the aspects of this seafood Mecca that keeps people coming back for more are the birthday celebrations. The servers will dress the person up in creative outfits such as a “hula girl” or “rock star” and get the whole restaurant involved by shouting out all birthdays for everyone to hear.

“I love coming here for birthdays. They always make it [a] big event and make [me] feel special, as I should,” said a modest 12-year-old with a tiara perfectly placed on her head.

But don’t think the décor, elaborate celebrations and dancing are all elaborate smoke and mirrors to disguise lack-luster food. The food is it’s own entity. A hands down favorite are the variety of steampots Joe’s Crab Shack has to offer. All have a different assortment of seafood and spices with a little bit of everything that makes a mouth water and come back for more.

“I love the Beantown Bake Steampot. It comes with 2 whole lobsters. Can you ask for more?” stated one guest chowing down on his dinner.

You will leave with a smile on your face after conquering one of these infamous steampots.

“I know everyone loves the crab legs but I’m a fan of the burgers believe it or not. They taste super high class,” said an enthusiastic teenager with his dad.

With something for everyone of all ages, Joe’s Crab shack is perfect for the whole family. Bring the baby, grandma, heck, bring the dog too to Joe’s for some crab cracking fun!



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