Sexting is dangerous business

By Alana Roche | Staff Writer |

I think sexting is an acceptable method of communication to maintain an intimate relationship, but could potentially become dangerous if sending nude photos of yourself is involved.

Your reputation could be ruined and potential job opportunities may be compromised if those images are the first search results listed when your name is Googled by job employers.

Sexting is defined as “the sending of sexually explicit photos, images, text messages, or e-mails by using a cell phone or other mobile device,” according to

Sexting has become extremely popular within the millennial generation (ages 18 to 34) and according to Time magazine,”4 out of 5 college kids sext.”

“Sexting can be a good thing if it’s done in a responsible way but it also has the potential to be a very bad thing if privacy is invaded,” stated a male CSUSB student who asked to remain anonymous.

Many people use sexting as a way to maintain a long distance relationship. This can be beneficial to your relationship by keeping a sexual relationship even though you live far away from each other and can’t physically maintain a sex life.

Both mic.coman entertainment news website, and Cosmopolitan magazine recommend sexting to keep your long distance relationship alive.

When Snapchat came out, it seemed to be a new mobile sexting phenomena because  it allowed users to send pictures or video (Snaps) to a person for up to 10 seconds, which can only be viewed once.

Now, however, a picture may be viewed more than once, but after twice there is a 99 cent fee.

I believe sexting is becoming popular within our society because of growing social media.

Snapchat made users feel reassured that their Snaps were only going to their intimate partner.

Unfortunately, people found methods around it, and began capturing screenshots of pictures and keeping them. There are many websites that have been created for people to go and leak Snaps of women.

Cellphones have evolved from simply using them for calling or sending a message to sexting and even sex video chatting.

This has become so popular that there is even a new app that has sexually explicit emojis to use while sexting, called Flirtmoji.

Former “Jersey Shore” reality TV star Vinny Guadagnino shared a funny video on Facebook depicting what would happen if someone was sexting with a nice guy. In the video, a young woman tries sexting with  Guadagnino, but he modestly denies her sexual advances.

But not everyone is as nice as Guadagnino, and these pictures can get to the wrong people who may use them for “revenge porn.” Revenge porn is when someone tries to get back at you by exposing your sexy photos that you trusted the person with.

“I feel like there’s a gray area to this subject. There’s degrees, personally I don’t see anything wrong with being flirty with your significant other. But I wouldn’t go sending pictures that I wouldn’t be okay with other people seeing,” stated CSUSB student Jessica (who prefers to keep her last name anonymous).

I agree with Jessica in that you shouldn’t send pictures to your partner that you wouldn’t be okay with other people seeing because you are at risk of potentially being exposed.

Truth be told, you could be happy and in love with someone and think your relationship will never end, but unfortunately some relationships deteriorate and that person may not be as loyal as you thought they were.

People get upset for whatever reasons and can be evil if you had a nasty breakup and the most hurtful thing to do is expose your ex, by sharing sexually explicit messages or pictures that the person sent you.

My advice is to be careful while sexting, especially with naked pictures of yourself because your peers can never un-see sexually explicit pictures posted of you.


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