Seniors trade uniforms for caps and gowns

Point guard Summer Ramsey averaged the most assists and steals on the team.

Forward Mya Johnson averaged nearly a double-double in her final season.

By Yera Nanan |Staff Writer|

The women’s basketball team celebrates the upcoming graduations of seniors Mya Johnson, Cassie Johnson, Summer Ramsey, Megan Vina and Michelle Okoroike.

Ramsey played an important role this season, being the team’s starting point guard. She averaged 2.5 steals and 3.2 assists, leading the team in both categories.

“The impact I left with this team was my defensive skills,” said Ramsey.

According to Ramsey, she hopes the younger players keep up the defensive intensity and listen to head coach Susan Crebbin.

“I don’t call myself a basketball player, I call myself an entertainer […] I like playing defense for so long because whatever excites the team excites me,” added Ramsey.

Ramsey plans to use her kinesiology degree to get a job as physical education teacher, and possibly become a basketball coach in the future.

Forward Mya Johnson has played with the Coyotes for two seasons, averaging nearly a double-double in each game in her last season while leading the team in points and rebounds.

Johnson was named All-CCAA first team as she finished second in field goal percentage, scoring and rebounds in the conference.

“It doesn’t take skill to rebound, just hard work and that’s the impact I left on the team,” said Mya Johnson.

She plans to use her degree in criminal justice to become a 911 dispatcher or a juvenile detention officer.

Casie Johnson was top three in scoring and rebounds in her last season.

Forward/guard Cassie Johnson was in the top three in steals, points averaged and minutes played for the team this season.

“Something different than anyone else was my work ethic[…] I always worked really hard and I love the game,” said Cassie Johnson.

Cassie has a love for the game, so she plans to continue her career as a basketball player possibly playing professionally overseas.

“I’m trying to play semi-pro basketball while I’m in school and run Track & Field to stay in shape, so I guess I’m going to school just to play sports,” continued Cassie Johnson.

Her backup plan is to become a coach or a personal trainer when she leaves CSUSB with her degree in kinesiology.

Okoroike really put on a show this season, doing things you wouldn’t see on the stat sheets that are all important to a winning record.

“I was a hustle player and always gave maximum effort […] when I’m gone someone is going to have to step up and do that,” said Okoroike.

Shooting guard Michelle Okoroike’s hustle style of play helped the team win a lot of games.

Okoroike describes that her energy was unmatched, and that helped push the team to play hard as well. For example, if there was ever a loose ball on the play she would be the first to grab it, securing a possession.

“Our coaches know that if a ball goes up in the air I’m not going to just stand back and watch, I will run and jump for the rebound,” added Okoroike.

Okoroike is a psychology major who has a passion for acting. She wants to either obtain a career after graduating, or enter into a graduate program.

Vina, who is seen more as a soccer star on campus, was also a big asset to the team and constantly amazed her teammates throughout the season.

“Coming from being a star on the soccer team to basketball and still being able to play and be a good player was enjoying,” mentioned Okoroike.

According to Ramsey, Vina’s passing was great since she would dish out assists to her throughout the game, as she wasn’t a ball-handler on the team.

Though these seniors are leaving the program, there is a bright future ahead for the basketball team with Crebbin at the helm.

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