Scotty McCreery new American Idol

By Brittany Filippini |Staff Writer|

After wowing the judges and fans with a youthful, boisterous voice,  17 year-old Scotty McCreery is the new American Idol.

McCreery was given the title of American Idol on last week’s season 10 finale. A reported 122 million votes, according to People magazine, were cast to determine who would be America’s next “Idol.”

McCreery won over American hearts, leaving 16 year-old Lauren Alaina, who was also an aspiring country singer, as the season’s runner-up.

McCreery started his journey to become the next American Idol over a year ago, he exclaims, according to People.

McCreery traveled from his hometown in North Carolina to Milwaukee to audition for a coveted spot on American Idol.

McCreery won judges over once they heard his deep country voice when he performed Josh Turner’s “Your Man.” After McCreery performed for his audition one judge in particular, Steven Tyler, was blown away by his soulful voice and commented with a rather unique statement saying, “Well, hellfire. Save matches. F— a duck, and see what hatches.”

McCreery was born in Garner, North Carolina and has an old country soul for being such a young man. According to the Associated Press, while McCreery’s friends were listening to popular boy bands he was listening to old school country artists such as Johnny Cash.

“I guess you could say I was the weird one. But, no, I was the one who listened to good music” said McCreery when commenting about his taste in music.

While on American Idol McCreery said most people would describe him “as an All-American kid.”

McCreery goes on to say that he has played baseball his whole life and his coach has said he is a “role model on the team.” “Garner would erupt” was the statement McCreery’s mother said when discussing what would happen if he were to make it on to the show.

According to Entertainment Weekly McCreery’s debut single “I Love You This Big” instantly made it to iTunes top 5. EW also claims that McCreery’s single debut is the highest for an Idol alum since Kris Allen’s single “No Boundaries.”

McCreery will continue to work on his first album in Nashville as well as taking part in Idol’s top 11 tour which is said to begin sometime next month according to the Associated Press.

McCreery is already on the fast track for his album, receiving assistance from Ester Dean who helped co-write his single “I Love You This Much.” Dean has also provided her assistance in helping A-list pop starts such as Katy Perry and Rihanna with some of today’s popular songs.

According to the Associated Press when McCreery discussed what his album will consist of he explains that he wants to establish himself through this album. He goes on to say, “My main focus is going to be country music. That’s what I grew up with and what I love.”




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