Sanchez-Munoz has high hope

By Nin Garcia |Staff Writer|

CSUSB is searching for a new dean of education.

The school has named three finalists for the position of becoming a dean of the university’s College of Education. One such candidate is Juan Sanchez-Munoz, a professor at Texas Tech University.

Sanchez-Munoz’s admiration for being a dean at CSUSB drives him to work hard and put forth his whole heart into being one of the best in the administration. He finds this new job position exciting and is ready to take on the tasks that CSUSB offers him.

If chosen, Sanchez-Munoz would like to improve enrollment, encourage undergraduate courses and expand partnerships with school districts.
Sanchez-Munoz faces a few obstacles if he were to be the new dean, and one of his main concerns is budget, and how it serves to be the most looming challenge. Its outcome will largely dictate some of what can and cannot be done in college as well in the universities.
Other challenges that follow budget difficulties are related to resources, enrollment and in areas of strategic growth. But Sanchez-Munoz is determined to manage them in a strategic methodical way.
“I will say this; I think there [are] much greater assets and possibilities than there are challenges,” said Sanchez-Munoz.
Sanchez-Munoz has gone through many measures towards achieving this position. He has done forums here at CSUSB and has met with faculty, students and staffs. He is hoping he has been “charming to those he has had the pleasure of meeting with,” he jokingly stated, but ended with saying that he is trying to be as optimistic as he can be.
Sanchez-Munoz doesn’t intend to make any type of changes within the school, other than just improving the system as they are. He believes it is not in his power to do any type of drastic changes immediately.
Those types of decisions are best made after a clear understanding of the college, its structure and programs. Any adjustments or modifications should have the input of more than just the dean.

Sanchez-Munoz believes that he is well suited to tackle this position because he understands the demographics, the region and the content area along with his background as an administrator, as a teacher and interacting with community colleges gives him the opportunity to be effective.

Yet, he also believes that all of his understandings can be further improved by the new atmosphere he would receive here if he were to get the position.
A few of the many qualifications CSUSB is seeking are to demonstrated a record of success in fiscal, personnel and programmatic management, experience in collaborating effectively with Pre-K-12 constituencies, a commitment to shared governance in a collective bargaining environment, and a commitment to promoting diversity in all its forms.

As a professor at Texas Tech University, Sanchez-Munoz dabbles in the fields of bilingual education and diversity studies. He is responsible for graduate coursework in multicultural education, bilingual education foundations and curriculum studies.

Sanchez-Munoz received his M.A., in Mexican-American Studies at CSULA, and then went on to receive his Ph.D. at UCLA. Sanchez-Munoz is currently living in Texas and would willingly move to California and bring his family with him if he were to obtain this job position.



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