San Bernardino Symphony starts a stellar season

By Marissa Graham |Staff Writer|

Saturday night comes and the question of what to do comes to mind. Instead of the typical dinner and a movie, go the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra and enjoy a night of wonderful music.

The San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra was established in 1922 by James Gutherie. The orchestra, headquartered in one of the oldest buildings in downtown San Bernardino, has been thriving in the community for years.

Music lovers would consider the orchestra hidden, but a gem nonetheless. The orchestra consists of some of the most respected professionals in music.

Maestro Carlo Ponti is the music director and conductor. Ponti was Associate Conductor of the Russian National Orchestra in 2000, awarded the Premio Galileo Award in 2006 and currently leading the San Bernardino Symphony to their eighty-third season.

The first concert, “Contrast”, takes place Oct. 1 in the California Theatre. This concert is going to consist of Beethoven style and two of the world famous “fourths”: Symphony number four in A Major by Felix Mendelssohn, and Symphony number four in B-Flat Major by Ludwig van Beethoven.

The second concert, “Evening on the Rhine”, is Nov. 9 with Norman Krieger playing the piano in this production. Krieger is famous for his talent and played at several cities across the United States, Asia, Europe and Mexico.

The third concert is called “Wondrous Winds” which begins on Jan.16, 2012. This concert consists primarily of winds and brass sounds.

“Tubby the Tuba,” a San Bernardino original composed by George Kleinsinger, will be performed as well.

The fourth concert, “Orchestral Treasures” will be performed on March 10, 2012. Internationally renowned and award-winning cellist Jesus A. Morales will be performing with the symphony.

The fifth and final concert, “Tchaikovsky’s Finest” will happen on May 19, 2012. It will prove not only to be a loving tribute to the legendary composer, but a great finale to the season as well.

To get a good gauge on the orchestra’s talent, a sample of the music is provided on the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra’s official website,

Overall, the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra looks like it going to have another great season ahead of them. There are five different concerts to attend and all have something to grasp your interest.

Further your source of entertainment and attend the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra. It won’t disappoint.

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