Rudeness all around, cell phones take away our face to face etiquette

By Kara Dement |Staff Writer|

We have all different sorts of wonderful technology to communicate but our lack of etiquette is driving us further apart.

Etiquette is the set of rules we have all agreed to in order to be considerate to one another.

Whether it’s talking on the phone, text messaging, or in a face-to-face conversation.

Nowadays, our etiquette has gone down the drain. Nobody knows the proper way to talk on the phone anymore and our text messaging has hit an all-time low.
We text while we drive, when we’re in class; where we’re supposed to be learning and even while somebody is trying to have a civilized conversation with us.

We do it non-stop!

There is never a moment we are not text messaging or talking on the phone.
It’s ridiculous and quite sad that we can’t put our phone away for five minutes to have a conversation with one another.
I admit I’m completely guilty. I don’t use the appropriate phone, text messaging and conversation etiquette.
However, I don’t think I’m to blame for it.

For example, my parents taught me the proper way to talk to people and even made me take a manners class when I was 10 years old. So, why is it that I’m not using the skills that have been given to me?

The answer is simple.
The times have changed. Our generation is clueless on phone etiquette because we NEVER make actual phone calls.
Yes we text, but only because we don’t know how to use etiquette properly over the phone. Plus it’s a lot faster for us to get the message to the receiver.

Text messaging also comes along with etiquette and this ties into text messaging while we’re driving and while we’re in class, when we’re supposed to be learning.
It’s rude to text when somebody is trying to talk to you and even worse when you’re driving.

Like they say in traffic school, “be considerate of other drivers.”
This also pertains to the no-texting-while-driving dilemma, something that we’re once again totally clueless about.

“There isn’t phone etiquette anymore because everything is done via texting and even then I don’t think that etiquette exists. The personal touch of a phone call is gone,” said student Stephanie Real.
I don’t think etiquette has completely vanished I just think our generation has become so tied up in the fast way of communication by text messaging and e-mail that we forget to be considerate towards one another.

We forget how to treat others as if we were talking to them face to face.

It’s something we should better ourselves at because you never know when the proper phone etiquette might help you ace that telephone interview that you’ve been preparing for.



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