“Rude!” comedian comes to CSUSB

By Yetunde Keme |Staff Writer|

Comedian Anjelah Johnson, known for her hilarious skits on “MadTV” and “Lopez Tonight,” will be performing her stand-up skit Feb. 9 in the Coussoulis Arena at CSUSB.

Johnson was slightly criticized last month for her lack of creativity on the Comedy Central special “That’s How We Do It.”
James Shotwell, a writer for the entertainment news column Under the Gun Review said, “I’m all for ethnic satire and tales of crazy nail salons, but you have to be unique.”

Showtell added, “I get it; Latin women have an attitude, Asians drive poorly and mispronounce certain letters in our alphabet. Any comedian that has ever touched on these topics has highlighted these facts.”

Showtell may have strongly criticized Johnson for her lack of uniqueness, but other critics begged to differ.

Online journal Jester called “That’s How We Do It,” “personal but very light in tone” and “fairly girlie without falling too much into the clichés of differences between men and women.’”

It seems like some students see Johnson’s jokes as funny rather than cliché.

“Her jokes are relatable because I have encountered those experiences,” said student Ondrina Johnson.
Amber Claude, another CSUSB student, also agrees, “I think it’s funny because she’s just telling the truth and everyone knows it, but they don’t say it.”

Johnson shows some of her uniqueness when she tells her life story through comical skits in “That’s How We Do It,” but there were some jokes she made that were more typical and perhapd more predictable than funny.

For example, the nail salon skit is common because Johnson and every other comedian repeat the same stereotypes of Asian workers.

A piece of the skit narrates an incident where the manicurist (in broken English) asks, “You have boyfriend?” and her response was no.

“Why you don’t have? You look so pretty like model, cheerleader, something pretty,” replied the manicurist in another question and compliment. “You like long or short nail?”

Johnson replied, “Short nails, please. Thanks.” The manicurist responded, “Oh honey, that’s why you don’t have boyfriend.”

Despite some of her overly common jokes, she deserves credit for portraying her character Bon Qui Qui on “MadTV” because of the sassy and strong-willed personality she has.

Tickets are currently on sale for $15 for CSUSB students; $25 for staff, faculty, and alumni; $30 for reserved; and $40 for gold circle. For more information, visit CSUSB.edu


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