Rotten Tomatoes has nothin’ on this

H549kfFHl71vy_gEs5NfTVqPC_Tq5CzoIGO8KJ7JAfMBy Jamey Johnson | Staff Writer

While some films triumphed this year, unfortunately some films will soon be forgotten.

2015 was a huge year for film and many new movies came out with high expectations

The five movies, “Hot Pursuit”, “We Are Your Friends”, “Fantastic Four”, and “Tomorrowland” flopped not only with movie fans but with sales as well.

The movie “Hot Pursuit” was more of like a hot mess.

According to Forbes Magazine, the movie bombed because it was “terrible, plain, and simple.”

With actresses like Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara, you would think it would be a pretty good film considering their films in the past like the Legally Blonde Series and Madea Goes To Jail.

The police movie earned just an estimated $13.3 million with a budget of $35 million.

Some would say it is a pale copy of “The Heat”.

“Tomorrowland” is a Walt Disney film featuring the iconic George Clooney.

This just goes to show that no matter how big of a star or how much the ladies love your good looks, it is not a good predictor of success.

It was meant to be a kid friendly movie and seem original, but that did not happen with the marketing sales only turning up $92 million and having a $190 million budget.

“Fantastic Four” is a more popular movie so one would assume it would not be such a big disappointment.

Being such a hyped-up movie, one would assume that “Fantastic Four” would not disappoint. Wrong!

The film sold $52 million after having a $120 million budget.

People were not interested in this remake. Rarely are the remakes as good as the original because of the different characters that do not live up to the authenticity of the first characters.

This one in particular seemed generic after watching the trailer.

“I would rather wait for it to come out online than waste my time watching what I already know (for people who have seen the first one) with little to no action scenes,” said student Andi Jackson.

Despite all the social media activity geared towards promoting the movie “We Are Your Friends”, it still did not live up to its expectations.

“The film earned the title of worst opening of all time from a Hollywood studio title released in 2,000 or more theaters,” according to Cinema Blend.

The reasons why these movies flopped is because “they have no originality and they’re basically the same ideas with different actors and slightly different plots,” said student Lucca Delaney.

Hopefully 2016 will be better when it comes to movie popularity and success, but of course, there will never be a perfect year.

Although these films were quite disappointing we continue to learn from them. We need the rotten tomatoes to remember what it is about the good ones that we love so much.

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