Rolling Along: The art and evolution of sushi

Photo by Haecheol
Photo by Haecheol

Photo by Haecheol

By Haecheol Jang |Staff Writer|

Sushi is one of the most famous Japanese foods and it is very popular in the world.

There are lots of famous Japanese foods: udon, yakisoba, tacoyaki, soba and sushi.

Sushi is a food from rice with sliced fish.

Sliced fish or other sliced seafood and covered rice with added vinegar, is called nigiri.

Some sushi has added wasabi between the rice and fish.

Originally people made sushi to preserve fish for long period of time, according to Sushi Notebook.

People salted the fish and buried them into the rice. The fish would ferment anywhere from a few days to a few months.

Traditionally, fish was eaten without the rice but nowadays, we eat nigiri sushi, which is common sushi everywhere.

Like every food, sushi has its own consumption etiquette, it is really helpful for one to know about the proper manners of eating sushi.

It is recommended that when you eat sushi, start from plain fish and work your way up to the stronger flavor fish, according to Sushi Notebook’s writer Sakamoto.

The flavors of each ingredient can be tasted better when eaten like that.

There are two ways to enjoy sushi; using hands or chopsticks.

Hands can be used to eat sushi at a sushi bar.

However, shaking a chef’s hand is not sanitary.

If you want to look for a place to eat sushi near CSUSB, there are three places: The Commons, Rock N Roll Sushi and Sushi Tomo.

The Commons is the student restaurant in CSUSB.

You can find this place next to the SMSU.

There are various rolls and sushi options, however, all of the sushi in The Commons is prepackaged and the price is not cheap.

I purchased a pack for almost $11 that had three kinds of sushi: salmon sushi, tuna sushi and tuna roll.

The taste was not bad, but also was nothing special.

If you really want to eat fresh sushi but are pressed for time, you can go to the Commons, but I don’t recommend this place.

Rock N Roll sushi is one of my favorite restaurants near CSUSB, located on University Parkway.

I have been going to the restaurant since 2012.

The restaurant has a clean interior, kind staff,  decent pricing, and overall the food tastes great.

Also, you can enjoy happy hour from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. to close.

During happy hour, some menu items are discounted by 20 percent, and their beer and sake are discounted by 50 percent.

I tried the Nigiri Special Combo, which includes 10 pieces of sushi chosen by the chef.

This combo was fresh and delicious for only $14.95.

Rock N Roll also has many single dishes, so you can try what you want to eat.

There are many menu items that I recommend, like the Korean Chirashi Bowl.

Sushi is now a globalized familiar food; various kinds of sushi can be eaten, according to personal preference.

Sushi can be enjoyed near CSUSB or on the campus.

Try sushi for dinner today!

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