Rock wall promoted

By Javier Rodriguez |Staff Writer|

IMG_1252Student Recreation and Fitness Center Rock Wall Coordinator Dominic Trujillo hosted a small competition called, “add-on”.

The game, to those not familiar with climbing, is similar to a basketball game of horse. With chalk flying in the air, climbers marked their climbs as they progressed up the wall.

With prizes offered to climbers, Trujillo did not have a problem with finding participants.

With sunny California’s year-round summer, the Inland Empire is typically warm and dry.
Climbers are in constant search of good places to rock climb in our area.

If you’re not experienced with climbing, however, this might not be the best thing to do on your own.

Fortunately, the rock wall gyms and climbing industry have grown since 2013, according to Climbing Business Journal.

Twenty-eight new facilities across the nation opened their doors to rock climbing with California having the highest number of new rock climbing gym openings.

Thousands of students every year enter the Rec Center and walk right past the rock wall. With rock wall climbing becoming more popular in California, but less popular at CSUSB, the Rec Center has started looking into more activities to attract potential climbers.

Student and avid climber Hector Lopez said, “I like to climb in my down-time and when I’m bored.” Lopez considers himself to be an intermediate climber.

IMG_1260“Many of us, I think, forget that we can use the rock wall, because we never see students on it. It’s good cardio and you have a harness, so you’re completely safe,” said student Vanessa Suniga.

Student Jessica Trevino said, “I didn’t know that rock wall climbing was open to everyone. I thought it was just for special events, like ‘Late Night with Rec Sports’.”

Trujillo will be hosting more rock wall competitions throughout the quarter, which will cater to new, intermediate and advanced climbers.The rock wall offers chances to compete or just climb for recreation.

Some of your student fees are being used to fund the Rec Center which maintain the rock wall.

Hopefully, this will give all students a reason to stick around school for a little longer. Student Elysa Huntington is now a regular climber here at school.

Huntington is a member of a rock climbing gym in Murrieta, CA. She has been rock climbing for over 5-years now.

So, if you’re on campus and you feel like climbing, or you’re looking for something to do, check out the Rec Center and ask for Dominic.



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