Riverside Art Market

By Janet Martinez |Staff Writer|

The fourth annual Riverside Art Market was held on April 22, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The event was located at the Riverside Art Museum both inside and outside the surrounding areas.

The art created by the young artists of middle school and high school age were entered into a competition.

“The art coming from high schools and middle schools have been getting better over the years,” said Melissa Brown, a volunteer.

The event was family friendly. There were many stations for children to enjoy including one for face painting, another that featured a balloon artist, and an arts and crafts area.

The vendors and artists were so passionate about their creations. Whether it was pottery, jewelry, knitted or sewed items, paintings, drawings, music, clothing and a lot more.

These events support local artists and give community members the pleasure of hearing some amazing stories of these artists’ background as well as an opportunity to purchase their artwork.

The opportunity to look around at the different types of emotions, moods and perspectives that these pieces give off is one anyone will remember.

As guests entered the event, staff and volunteers made them feel welcomed.

The event was free except for some small fees for some of the children’s events.

A small workshop was held for the children and they were able to color, learn how to draw and receive some tips to encourage imagination and creativity.

Many children attended the workshop and were able to create art of their own after looking at the art on display for inspiration.

The way they make their money to support this annual event is through fees from the vendors and sponsors they greatly appreciate.

These sponsors include: Ford Fritts Riverside Auto Center, Burgess Moving Storage, Christine Cahraman, Riverside Plaza, Ruhnau Rhnau Clarke and many more.

Food trucks were also present, with the most popular being Cona Ice selling shaved ice for everyone to enjoy on the hot day that the event took place.

“The young artists that presented their work were incredible,” said student Taryn, from Vista Murrieta High School.

“I would have bought it without thinking twice,” said Lorenzo Jaramillo.

Whether it was creating art of your own, engaging with artists and vendors, or admiring the beautiful pieces, it was an excellent event.

The event brought support for the local community of the Inland Empire.


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