Rihanna talks the talk

By Becky Monreal |Staff Writer|

In typical Rihanna style, fans can expect the unexpected for her newest album.

The release of Rihanna’s highly anticipated new album Talk that Talk is set to drop Nov. 21.

Earlier this year, Rihanna was hesitant on whether she should re-issue her latest album Loud or just make a new album. After a lot of deliberation, she decided that Loud stood out for itself and was “ already a body of work,” said Rihanna.

In late June, Rihanna hit the recording studio to work on her latest and greatest upcoming album. With help from The Dream and Jay-Z, the new album is promising to have the same success as her previous albums.

Rihanna relied on her past experiences to give her the motivation behind her album cover. As a famous artist, Rihanna learned very quickly how scrutinizing the media can be, which is the main point behind her album title.

Rihanna has several artists who lend their voices to her upcoming album. Nicki Minaj, Big Sean and J. Cole are just some of the artists who will be featured on her album.

To keep her fans involved, Rihanna set up a Facebook campaign to give her fans missions to complete in order to unlock information regarding her secretive album.

Fans had to log onto her Facebook page and participate in the weekly game that was given to them.

When each game was completed, Rihanna would release new information for her fans.

From her album title to the album cover, new details were being released every week. The top prize was given to a lucky fan who was able to receive the only copy of the upcoming album.

Her first release of the album, “We Found Love” has already started to jump up the music charts into the number one spot. The song will be the eleventh number one single that she has had.

While her song has jumped the charts, many critics have already commented on the lack of lyrical content within the song.

Known for pushing the limits with her lyrics, Rihanna’s newest album is no exception.

“It is one thing to record an album but its a huge difference when people play it and listen to it and embrace it the way that I do. It has always been my dream to get my music out to the world and have people hear it,” said Rihanna.

Fans all across the world are greatly awaiting the album release from Rihanna, which she promises will not disappoint.


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