Restaurant Review: Aloha Poke Bowl

By Jason Samp |Staff Writer|

Aloha Poke Bowl is a delicious and healthy alternative to other fast food locations near CSUSB.

Located just down the street from campus at 4235 N. University Parkway is a restaurant that serves fresh locally crafted Poke.

Poke is a salad style dish that focuses around the main ingredient, raw fish.

For those who prefer not to eat the raw fish, there is also a chicken option as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

Edna Buenrostro is a third-year student that also works at Aloha Poke bowl; she was off the clock enjoying a small customized bowl.

“Even though I work here and I can eat it whenever I want, I still crave it,” said Buenrostro. “Even on the days I don’t work I still come in and eat.”

She has been focused on eating healthier and with the amount of customization at Aloha Poke Bowl you can tailor your meal for that.

The customized bowl option is one of the most popular dishes at the restaurant; along side the multiple signature bowls.

There are numerous combinations you can make with a customized bowl.

First choose your base from sushi rice, brown rice, wantons or greens.

Second, you can choose your type of meat from tuna, spicy tuna, salmon, shrimp, albacore or tofu.

Last, you choose your toppings out of 14 different options and a choice of sauce.

The full menu can be found on their website where you can also order your food in advance.

The price for a bowl ranges from about eight dollars to 14 dollars depending on the size.

However, CSUSB students who show their coyote card during checkout receive a discount.

Jon Do, a sophomore at CSUSB purchased a two-item bowl with greens and gave it an opinionated rating of seven out of 10.

He mentioned how the location of the store and the affordability of the food brought him back for his third visit.

“You get a lot more food in a bowl for about the same price as a sushi roll,” said Buenrostro.

Dalia Rodriguez is an associate who was running the store at the time; she summed up the three main take-aways of Aloha Poke Bowl.

“It’s good if they want something healthier and don’t want to go far, you get a lot of food for what you pay for,” said Rodriguez.

The store appeared to be very well maintained and clean both inside and on the patio.

Modern, pop music was playing in the background and gave the store a nice vibe.

The peak hours are during lunchtime from about 12 p.m. until 2 p.m. and they have increased workers during these hours to reduce wait times.

Customers who are also students agreed that Aloha Poke is a great place to come and eat and study between classes.

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