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By Shelby Hancock |Asst Sports Editor|

Students should take advantage of the activities and programs offered by CSUSB.

One of the services is the Outdoor program offered by Recreational Sports.

The program offers day hiking, overnight camping, taking trips to national parks, backpacking in the wilderness, and snowboarding.

Activities also include taking trips to the beach, surfing, kayaking, river trips, group outings, educational programs and team building activities as well.

“CSUSB Outdoors mission is to provide the community with a diverse range of outdoor recreational and educational opportunities,” according to the Recreational Sports website.

The program aims to teach students certain skills while having a good time.

Participants learn safety, appreciation, and understanding of the outdoors and other skills that will help them long after their time at CSUSB.

Some other skills students learn are personal growth, leadership development, teamwork and healthy communication skills as well as forming new relationships with other students.

Although students would benefit from the activities, most trips are only at about 80 percent capacity according to Mark Oswood, director of the Outdoors program.

Activities offered by the program are open to students, staff, alumni, faculty, and affiliates.

“I would really like to get out because I am always in a classroom, the events sound fun,” said senior Chelsea Galvez.

According to the CSUSB website, with a campus of 18,952 students only 1,500 live on campus.

About 80 percent of students commute to get to campus, meaning they come to school and drive home.

“After class I like to go home because I work full time and have a long drive,” said senior Erin Miramontes.

Of the 19.7 million college students in the United States, 71 percent have jobs other than being students according to the United States Census.

“Although students who work have an obligation to fulfill their academic responsibilities, colleges and universities also have a responsibility to ensure that all students…can be successful,” according to

Students as well as institutions have certain responsibilities when it comes to education.

“Even though I personally don’t, I believe students can benefit from activities on campus, especially if they feel the need to reach out to that program,” said junior Nathaniel Lastrapes.

It is especially important for students to utilize the opportunities given to them through CSUSB because students pay student fees in order to fund school sanctioned events.

Recreational Sports’ Outdoor program offers a wide variety of time frames when they hold their events.

Similar interests bring students together including many of the leaders who have a passion for helping people, making new friends and being in the outdoors.

“I love my job as a volunteer outdoor leader because it has truly been an adventure from when I first started until today. Every time I lead a trip it is a different experience and it’s always memorable,” stated Outdoor employee Sara Loza on the Recreational Sports website.

Whether it’s a day to get away, or an overnight camping trip, Recreational Sports is there to help you learn, develop friendships and have a one of a kind experience.

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