Rebekah Frazier Top Notch

By Ashlynne Macan |Staff Writer|

CSUSB student, Rebekah Frazier, is a local girl whose star is rising fast.

Born in San Bernardino, Rebekah Frazier is in her third year here at CSUSB and is a major in pre-nursing. She also loves to dance, read, and listen to music. She started running cross country five years ago in her sophomore year at the local Cajon high school and has been running ever since. When sitting in an interview with her she was a happy, humble, and dedicated person.

When Rebekah came to CSUSB she was a “walk-on” to the team she states, and she has made history since then.

On  Sept. 17,2011 Frazier broke the school record of the 6,000-meter run, something that has not been done in almost a decade.

“It was good, it was exciting… I was just trying to beat my personal record … I was trying to beat my 5k time, I didn’t, but I broke my record for 6k time, and then I broke the record here for 6k” The last time this record was broken was nine years ago, by Tanya Zeferjahn, from Hesperia, CA, in 2002. Frazier did not know that the record was last broke nine years ago, and to me, it just showed how humble she was. “It makes me feel cool, like I’m fast… and it’s motivating, and it makes me want to break more school records “ said Frazier.

She runs 5,000-meter races as well, but for the most part she runs 6ks. When she broke the 6k record her time was 21 minutes and 42.3 seconds said a CSUSB press release.

When looking on the school athletics website, in the women’s Cross Country section, the name Frazier headlines four out of the top five recent stories.

An athlete and a scholar Frazier states that one of the obstacles she had to overcome this summer, was Summer School. “ That was hard incorporating [summer school with] a regular running routine” said Frazier. The girls have been training since the Spring 2011 quarter.

When training, Rebekah and her teammates run twice a day. First in the morning and then again in the afternoon. “It’s normally [like] you run harder in the morning, or longer in the morning, and then again in the evening just 20 or 30 minutes to build mileage and to stretch your legs from earlier” said Frazier.

When sitting in the interview with Rebekah she emphasized that she loves to compete. “I just love to race….. when I hear people cheering me on I feel like a machine” said Frazier.

The biggest race of the year is coming up for the women’s cross country team. This Saturday in Sonoma,CA the girls will be racing in their conference where they will compete against schools from all over. This year they are hoping to place in the top five schools in CSUSB’s division.

Frazier has done an amazing job this season, and has placed in just about every Invitational they have competed in thus far. “ I’m just trying to place well there… I just don’t want to psych myself out” said Frazier.


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