Raising awareness of Palestine’s situation through film

Students attentive with all the information and details that is being told

By Samantha Flores |Staff Writer|

Farah Nabulsi, a British filmmaker, writer and producer, shared her journal observations regarding Palestinians via films such as “Oceans of Injustice,” “Today They Took My Son,” and an audio piece “The Nightmare of Gaza.”

Nabulsi shared with students a sneak peek of these films that will be released in May of this year.

The Center for Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (CIMES) hosted the event featuring Nabulsi in order for attendees to understand the situation of Palestinians.

“I have written these pieces purely organically,” said Nabulsi. “I didn’t write these to make films, I wrote this as a reaction to Palestinians, and when I got frustrated, I would go back to these readings and realized I could make films out of this,” she continued.

Her goal is to create informative short films so that people around the world become aware of what is happening to the Palestinians. Nabulsi also uses the film medium to contextualize Palestinian situations, so that truths are not obscured.

Nabulsi believes short films are best since they are easier for viewers to consume, given the fact that many do not have time to always watch a full film.

“For me, it’s about doing my part and shifting people’s consciousness. I feel the more people can see these films where ever in the world, can be much more informed, understanding, and feeling the pain and oppression of another,”explained Nabulsi.

Nabulsi wants to provoke empathy rather than apathy through short films because one can comprehend the feelings of another through visualization better.

“The presentation was great and powerful, and showed how the Palestinians suffered, but wished there was more context,” said a student who wished to remain anonymous.

As explained in the panel, one way America is providing assistance in regards to foreign affairs is through our tax money going to Israel.

One can have more information about how the Palestinians are living with the condition of new settlement as well as water deprivation, and so forth, by going on the website, OceansofInjustice.com.

“It was interesting and I am going to check out the website for more information,” said student MinJoo Lee.

The short film,” Today They Took My Son,” shows a boy that has been put into a military detention system. In real life every 12 hours a Palestinian boy, sometimes girls too, is taken from there homes between midnight and 5am.

The military detention system tortures the boys, who can be there for as long as 20 years, with limited food and water.

“The Nightmare of Gaza,” was mainly about a mother walking back home to her little boy, aunt, and sister. During the walk back home, bombings occurred and homes were destroyed, leaving many dead or homeless.

The mother reached her destroyed home to find her son, aunt, and sister, across from the home, dead.

The third film was, “Oceans of Injustice,” which was about the desperation of the Palestinians to cross the ocean in attempt to escape devastation.

When watching the films, one may feel exhausted. It is as if you are also trying to gasp for air, which creates the empathy Nabulsi wants the viewers to comprehend.

“Our campus is very privileged to have this type of workshops, that way students can learn more about war affairs and many other issues, and perhaps students now can get involved,” said a student who wished to remain anonymous.


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