Qwikster: short and sad

By Marissa Graham |Staff Writer|

    Netflix seems to be a company that has forgotten how to run properly.

    Its new spin off Qwikster, which was introduced only a month ago, was quickly abandoned after customers ripped it to shreds.

    Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, announced on his blog that Netflix was going to make some changes to his company. Although the changes were not little but very big. The company decided to revamp themselves by creating a new spin-off of the company’s DVD delivery option into a new service called Qwikster.
Netflix separated the company’s online streaming and DVD-by-mail services into two separate accounts, meaning customers that wanted both online and DVD-by mail service could no longer get it for the small monthly fee, but instead had to buy both packages separately.
Netflix raised their cost from $10 to $16 for having online streaming and DVD-by-mail delivery. The 60 percent price increase had Netflix customers seething with anger.
The decision to create Qwikster was because of the online streaming service growing significantly. The company concluded that the two services could be separate.

“Online streaming is the only way I watch my movies from Netflix. I do not use the DVD mailing service because I find online streaming more convenient,” said student Emily Huizar.

Although there are those customers that use both, and if they wanted both they had to have two different accounts and pay two separate bills.

    “I hate it! I like using both online streaming and DVD by mail. Depending on the time and location I switch between the two,” said student Amber Claude, “When I am in the library I use online streaming and when I am with friends I use DVDs.”
The most astonishing thing is that Netflix did not go through with the changes or release Qwikster at all. The company’s shares fell and caused investors to be concerned about the future of the company as a whole.
“There is a difference between moving quickly, which Netflix has done very well for years, and moving too fast, which is what we did in this case,” said Hastings.
Due to the fierce backlash, Netflix abandoned Qwikster in a moments time. Netflix is back to one website, one account, one password and one (still large) bill.
As quick as Qwikster started it ended. Netflix failed to heed to the demands of their customers and is back to its simplicity that customers originally admired.


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