Quantity vs Quality?

By Shiane Jacocks |Staff writer|

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Students need to be aware of where they are spending their hard-earned cash and financial aid.
Their money should be spent on food that will give them both energy and a balanced meal to prevent them from falling into the “Freshmen 15.”
Students who spend money on fattening foods only increase their weight and exhaustion.
Students deserve quality food that is both good and in a reasonable amount.
Some students who order food at W.O.W (World of Wings), a fast-food restaurant on campus, have discussed the quality and quantity of the food.
“I guess W.O.W has pretty good food. Sometimes I get a wrap and they give me a lot, but it can be pretty expensive. The last time I got a wrap though, it was swimming with cheese,” said student Ambur Wilkerson.

Some students believe that more is not always better.
On campus, students want to know they are getting their money’s worth.
Students want to know that while they stay on campus, whether it’s walking from class to class or living on campus, that they will have a good meal.
Often, the food is either too pricey and the students barely get enough to eat, or vice versa.
Most students do not want to be clenching their stomachs during a two-hour lecture because of bad food.
“I prefer quality over quantity. I feel that you should give yourself the best things and not lower your standards,” said student Alex Cain.

Alex Cain-senior 1
Cain takes the time to shop wisely at Stater Bros.
I suggest that students should bargain for reasonable prices.
Buy healthy food in bulk so you get your money’s worth.
At the grocery store, there are wonderful fruits and vegetables that are very healthy options if students can find the time to cook.
I have to make an effort to work around my job and school to prepare my meals.
Another thing to do when contemplating one’s diet is to plan and prepare food ahead of time.
On the website University Business it was stated, “We luxuriate in food in the U.S (at least most of us do). It is so second nature that when money is tight, we don’t eat less. Instead, we seek the experience of endless food at Wal-Mart.”
Some students, however, find that quantity takes precedence over the quality of the food.
“I want to stay full and I find it’s a lot easier when going to classes when I don’t have an empty stomach,” said student Jonzalo Aguilar.Jonzalo Aguilar 2
I have also found that when I don’t have time to cook, I do go out of my way to buy fast food. It may be cheap, but it’s taking a toll on my health.
The “Freshmen 15” is terrifyingly real.
Diet, exercise, and quality food seem to be the only way to prevent it.

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