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By Chris Hanley |Staff Writer|

San Bernardino is the home of the International Sports Museum (ISM) hosting some of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport.

The ISM is located inside of the American Sports University in downtown San Bernardino.
“The University focuses on sports related Degrees such as coaching, sports management and sports agent careers,” said Vivian Munson, office manager of American Sports University.
The purpose of the museum is to give the students of the university a look at some of the greatest events in boxing history as well as allow students to get an up close look at championship awards held by professional athletes.
The museum is open to the public, and would be great for all who enjoy boxing.
One of the spectacular aspects of the museum is that there are several title belts that visitors can see at the museum. The major boxing belts that are featured at the museum are the Women’s International World Boxing Championship belt that was held by Lala Ali, the daughter of famed boxer Muhammad Ali.
Also visitors can see an autographed picture of Lala Ali located by the title belt that she held. Sports fans can also see an up close look at the Men’s Championship Continental America’s boxing belt while taking a walk through the museum.
Visitors will get a great history lesson about some of the greatest boxer’s of all time.
For example, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. was featured at the museum and an informative career biography is displayed by the museum.
In the museum you can learn that Mayweather Jr. was a World Champion in five different weight classes and was the 2007 fighter of the year.
In addition, two boxing legends Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard are featured at the ISM.
The creativity of the pictures displayed show a great deal of pride for both the two boxers and the sport of boxing.
The two boxers competed twice in their careers.
Leonard was unstoppable before the first match up with Duran. Leonard had won two different welterweight championship belts before he would fight against Duran.
The first match was won by Duran by way of decision, thus handing Leonard his first defeat. The two would meet one more time for the championship belt and Leonard put on arguably one of the most unbelievable wins in boxing history.
The smaller Leonard used his speed to his advantage against the bigger Duran. Duran surprisingly quit in the eighth round which is one of the most historic fights in boxing history.
One of the amazing features of Duran is that he has fought for five decades from the 1960s all the way until 2002. Duran is the only man in boxing to have at least one professional fight in five different decades.
All of these historic boxing events can be explored at the museum.
The ISM also features boxing world champions Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. While visiting the museum people will get very informative review of some of the most notable boxing matches of all time of the two legends.
Such sports review of the two athletes includes historic moments such as when Ali formally named Cassius Clay defeated Heavy Weight Champion Sonny Liston which made him the Heavy Weight Champion at the age pf 22.
George Foreman is also featured at the museum as an unstoppable heavyweight champion for defeating by knockout heavy weight boxing greats Joe Frazier and Ken Norton. Ali is considered the greatest to this day most notably as he was able to defeat by knockout the much bigger and younger George Forman to regain the heavy weight championship of the world.
Many more stories of historic boxing events are featured so come to the International Sports Museum and check out all of the historic moments that can be a fun and informative experience.
For more information about the Sports museum feel free to go to their web page at   http://www.americansportsuniversity.com/wbc_museum.php.



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