Public Administration professor resignation

By Cherie Brower |Staff Writer|

downloadAndrew Lamberto, former part-time CSUSB public administration faculty professor, was arrested on March 27 and resigned from CSUSB on Oct. 29. Lamberto was convicted of engaging and agreeing to engage in prostitution.

According to prosecutors, Lamberto approached and agreed to hire a woman, whom Lamberto believed to be a prostitute.

Dr. Lawrence Rose, Dean of the CSUSB College of Business and Public Administration, and Professor of Finance, confirmed in email that Lamberto has resigned as of Oct. 29. In a search of classes held this quarter, it was found that Lamberto was teaching a business personnel administration class.

Lamberto pled guilty to misdemeanor charges on Aug. 18, in the Orange County Superior Court, Harbor-Newport Beach Facility. In lieu of jail time, Lamberto’s sentencing included the completion of 10 days of community service and three years of informal (unsupervised) probation.

The media and the public were not made aware of Lamberto’s legal troubles until an online blog revealed the conviction, eight months after the initial arrest.

Lamberto currently holds the position of the San Bernardino County Director of Human Resources.

According to the San Bernardino County (SBC) Sentinel, David Wert, the county’s official spokesman released a statement entitled, “Statement from Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux.” In the statement, San Bernardino County CEO, Greg Devereaux said that he was aware of Lamberto’s situation since March 30, when the Human Resources Director came directly to him. Devereaux stated that “significant discipline” was brought against Lamberto after the arrest, but Devereaux failed to inform the Board of Supervisors
San Bernardino County Board members did not gain knowledge of Lamberto’s prostitution charges, and subsequent conviction, until earlier this month, according to the Sentinel.

In a statement released by San Bernardino County Supervisor James Ramos, he expressed that he was “extremely disappointed” that board members were not informed of Lamberto’s arrest.

Devereaux explained that disciplinary actions are “handled as purely administrative matters,” and the board was not informed out of historical practice. Devereaux also stated that, “it was a non-work related misdemeanor,” which did not call for further public disclosure.

According to Wert, “ordinarily, like all government agencies, the county wouldn’t disclose a personal issue.”

Lamberto has held his current position with the county since 2005. Per his online resume, which can be found on the CSUSB website, Lamberto states that his position entails the “[administration of] all Human Resource programs for over 21,000 regular and part-time employees,” and he is “responsible for subordinate staff of approximately 200 employees.”

Lamberto released a statement of regret: “There is no acceptable excuse for my behavior,” he said. “Public service is a privilege, and I will continue to work hard to earn the confidence of those I am fortunate enough to serve.”


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