Professor Spotlight: Sid Robinson

Sid Robinson in the hallway inside University Hall's Offices, 4th floor.

Sid Robinson in the hallway inside University Hall’s Offices, 4th floor.

By Tommy McCardle |Staff Writer|

When Sid Robinson isn’t enjoying a round of fantasy football or at a Dodgers game, he is teaching at CSUSB. Robinson is also busy on the campaign trail running for City Council in the city of Upland, California.

Robinson is a new professor on campus this fall quarter, however he isn’t a new face to the educational institution.  He was the associated vice president of Public Affairs for the school from 2002-2014.

“My pledge is to bring an open-minded, rational and collegiate approach to our City Council for the overall good of Upland,” according to Robinson’s campaign website,

Some of Robinson’s proudest memories with CSUSB have been working with great people, helping provide opportunities, expanding media development, and having a hand in the creation of the emergency notification system.

“When I was here we created the new and existing logo,” said Robinson as he recollects on his first run at CSUSB,

Robinson earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications from California State Polytechnic University Pomona, and a Masters of Arts in Public Relations from the University of Southern California.

The 30 plus year resident of Upland is looking to see his city succeed. Robinson feels that the Upland City Council is not working together as well as they could.

As a member of the city’s Planning Commission and Chamber of Commerce, Robinson respectfully feels that there isn’t much balance currently on the city council.

“It isn’t a knock on any of them individually,” said Robinson. “It’s just more of a situation where the chemistry is not good, and there is too much focus on individual opinions on how to get things done, and not a common vision.  I think I can steer the conversation.”

Robinson is looking to bring his experience in this nonpartisan race on Nov. 8.

He has also worked with many organizations in the past, including the Los Angeles Dodgers, The Fairplex, Inland Valley Recovery Services, 20/20 Network, and more.

During his time with the Dodgers between 1990-1993, he had many great conversations with baseball’s great Don Drysdale and even shared a few words on brief occasions with the legendary Dodgers sportscaster Vin Scully.

Teaching and running for city council are not all that make up Sid Robinson.  In 2014, he launched Robinson and Associates, a strategic communications and public relations company.

Robinson has also been an avid blogger for years.  He runs Sips, Suds and Spirits, a blog about adult beverages.  It all started with his curiosity on how to mix the perfect drink.

Sid also enjoys watching sports, as he is a fan of the Dodgers and returning Los Angeles Rams.

For information on Robinson’s company Robinson and Associates, you can visit the official website at

When asked what Robinson could do for CSUSB for the greater good if elected to city council, Robinson said that he would be open to hearing input from CSUSB students.


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