04 Movie Review: The Accountant

By Nylles Vernon |Staff Writer|

Ben Affleck stars in his newest film, “The Accountant,” in which he plays Christian Wolf, a mathematical genius that adjusts the books for dangerous criminals while being a trained killer and marksman.

During one of the coolest scenes of the movie, young Wolf is frantically putting together a puzzle at an neuroscience institute.

As the shot widens, it shows Wolf putting the puzzle together upside down with the graphic portion facing the floor, revealing an image of the legendary boxer, Muhammed Ali.

Even though Note: Better transition here! Although he was emotionally distant from others throughout the film, Wolf had a few moments of compassion for Anna Kendrick’s character Dana Cummings.

Affleck had  shared the screen/screen time some pretty interesting cast members such as Kendrick and J.K.Simmons helping to add suspense and emotion to the film.

These supporting characters not only add to the emotional depth of the film, but they also contribute to a large part of it’s comedic relief throughout the duration of the film.

In a specific scene, when asked by the company’s CFO, why a multi-million dollar company would hire a low level accountant to investigate the company, Wolf responds in a witty and sarcastic manner.

Wolf begins to make very quip and smart remarks, making the CFO so angry that he got up and left the room.

Cinematography also played an integral part in how the film by creating a much darker contrast for the characters to exist in. Out of place.

During crucial moments in the film there were times when Wolf would have flashbacks to when he was a child and pushed outside of his comfort zone.

The nonstop action and fighting scenes that were hidden from the trailer created a much more interesting lane dynamic that each of the characters were apart of. 

The theatrical trailer fails to bring forth the very dark and gritty parts of the film, from which Affleck did an amazing job with being standoffish and dismissive.

For those going to see it in theaters it might  may catch them off guard and remind them of watching “A Beautiful Mind,” “Shooter,” and “Enough” all rolled into one cinematic experience.

The film currently only has a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has yet to surpass it’s budget of 44 million.

Folks will enjoy the film if they are fans of Affleck’s work and are okay with seeing him play a stronger personality on screen.

All In all, Affleck did an amazing job with his acting and moviegoers will be pleasantly surprised within watching the first few minutes of The Accountant. I don’t particularly know whether or not this was a good or bad movie. Totally lost, I know as little about the movie as I did before without reading this article or seeing the movie! Was this a comment made by the author? Absolutely inappropriate if made by a Copy Editor I disagree! I thought the article was well written. The black line was not my comment!

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