Pretty gory for an angel – Album Review

By Abel Arriola |Staff Writer|

Electronic artist Grimes takes a different path in her mind maybe for the better, but for the mind of her fans it’s for the worst.

Claire Boucher, also known as Grimes is an electronic musician from Vancouver, Canada.

Creating a computerized mix of styles fused with contemporary instrumentals and vocals.

She released her newest album “Art Angels” on Nov. 6 and it seems she has taken a different lane.

If you compare it to her album “Visions,” which she released back in 2012, it seems like she has stepped away from herself.

If you ask me, “Visions” was a great album with songs like “Oblivion” and “Vowels = Space and Time.”

She really brings back that ’70s retro, electronic vibe that makes you want to dance.

“Art Angels” is more of her hipster side. It is more of an indie style type album.

Her song “Flesh Without Blood” seems like something that you would hear at a store like Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters, which makes you want to shop.

As CSUSB student Margaret Hignett said, “she is trying to be something she isn’t, I hate how an artist can make one awesome album and as soon as they gain fame from that album, they want to go mainstream and make disappointing music like this new album of hers.”

For this album, Grimes tries to incorporate the issues we deal with on earth like the deforestation going on in the Amazon rainforest as well as her supernatural fantasies.

“Butterfly” is a song that talks about the deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, it’s from the perspective of a butterfly witnessing the atrocious behavior.

Personally, yes that is cool and all, trying to spread change in the world, but to be honest people want to listen to songs they can relate to.

If she still created her electronic-retro type music, it would be something I would consider listening to, as for “Art Angels,” I would not contemplate buying.

From the start, just by looking at the album cover, it’s an alien girl with three eyes crying tears of blood out in space, with a shooting star on the side also crying but regular tears coming out.

Don’t let the album cover fool you though. When I saw the album cover I told myself it could be a good album and something to look forward to.

Listening to a couple songs in immediately disappointed me.

For example, there is one song called “Kill V. Maim” that Grimes explains in an interview by Q Magazine is written from the perspective of Al Pacino in the “Godfather Pt.2,”  “Except he is a vampire who can switch [genders] and travel through space,” said Grimes.

“Being a fan myself, I also caught that in her song,” student Alicia Pacheco stated. “…excuse my language but this is the sh*t no one wants to listen to. I understand the change she is trying to make, but it is definitely not for her, I want the old Grimes back,” she continued.

For those interested in earthly issues and supernatural fantasies, this album is highly recommended for you. For those who enjoy the old Grimes, this album can be left on the shelves.

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