President Obama signs Homeland security funding bill

By Jorge Campos |Staff Writer|

2011-08-29-homeland-security-620x413The House of Representatives approved the full fiscal funding for the U.S. Homeland Security.

The House voted 257-167 to approve the bill after a messy conflict in Congress, according to FOX News.

On Tuesday, March 3, the Bill was signed by the House of Representatives, according to the Washington Post.

Obama signed the funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday, formally ending a draw that revolved around Republican efforts to block his immigration actions, according to USA Today.

According to USA Today, shortly after the House passed the long stalled bill, Obama said that “the Homeland Security officials work to secure our borders, respond to disasters, guard our coast, protect our cyber security, and keep our ports and airports safe…They are law enforcement professionals and brave patriots who do a remarkable job, and deserve our gratitude and respect.”

Obama said that Congress took too long to sign the bill. Without taking action, the funding would have ran out of money and expired by midnight Friday, March 6.

“It’s time to move forward and stop playing these silly games,” stated Representative Charlie Dent, a Pennsylvania Republican, according to MSN News.

“Let’s prove to the American people that we’re serious about protecting this homeland and that we have the capacity to govern,” added Dent.

The funding bill also includes a $13 million for security at religious and non-profit institutions. The money can be used for security training and improved security infrastructure.



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