CSUSB ranked no. 1 military friendly campus

lounge (different military uniforms)

lounge (different military uniforms)

By Luz Hernandez |Staff Writer|

CSUSB has been ranked number one among all public universities for the support and services it offers to its military personnel and veteran students, according to a survey taken by Military Advanced Education (MAE) 2013 Guide to Military-Friendly Colleges and Universities.

MAE surveys more than 300 U.S. colleges and universities, including private, public, for-profit, not-for-profit, four-year and two-year colleges in California, in which CSUSB placed sixth overall.

MAE reportedly judged CSUSB and others in-depth regarding support, financial, military culture and flexibility.

Our campus offers support for military students, including veterans, active duty, reservist, national guard service members and dependents for incoming and current students.

The newly renovated Veterans Success Center (VSC) is a place for military personnel to gain support from their peers.

Services provided by the VSC consist of a computer center, a group room for student to congregate between classes, a room for study groups and meetings, a patio for social events, new student veteran and service member orientation, workshops, veteran support groups, advocacy and referrals.

“We help a lot of service men and woman who are seeking higher education,” said Joshua Jones, veteran and Computer Systems major.

“We help each other, talk to each other. We’ve been in similar situations and to work with other Veterans is something that is very familiar to us,” Jones added.

The faculty helps veterans become reintegrated into the community and offers on-campus child care for military service men and women with children.

Psychological counseling and support for veteran specific needs is also offered to those students who have mental concerns.

In addition, CSUSB offers financial aid assistance to these military students.

Some of the assistance that is offered includes in-state tuition for active duty service members who are not residents of the state of California.

The Yellow Ribbon program is a type of financial assistance that is placed under the G.I. Bill. The program is designed to help military with up to, “100 percent out-of-pocket tuition costs,” according to military.com.

CSUSB also offers a veteran work-study program, which like a normal work study program allows students to work their way through college to pay off their tuition.

There are other military student-specific scholarships, tuition discounts and scholarships for dependents.

ROTC is one of the main organizations that comprise on-campus military culture as well.

CSUSB is able to offer 100 percent online degrees, as well as programs that include both online and in-class instruction to accommodate veterans and other students who choose to work from home.

According to veterans.csusb.edu., “Students enjoy the flexibility that is offered by distance education.”

The website refers a program named “Distance Education,” offered to help students achieve their degree when deployed or not able to attend class on a regular basis due to any military limitations.

According to information gathered from the VSC, the top three Undergraduate Majors that cater to military personnel are Criminal Justice, Accounting and Psychology.

Marci Daniels, director of the VSC, said that there are approximately 343 veterans enrolled in our school.


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