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IMG_0085By Kristopher Sarikas |Staff Writer|

Coyote baseball came home with a tie for 2 in their four game series against the CSU Monterey Bay Otters on the weekend of April 12-14.

The Coyotes topped off, winning the first two games of the weekend series, making a great come back during game two.

The Otters left with the last two wins, claiming the 28th spot in NCAA collegiate baseball rankings.

Stepping out on the field not sure of what was to come, the Yotes scored two runs in the first inning.

Richard Mount doubled down the left line, bringing in Billy Hamilton and Curtis Cassise to score.

The Coyotes snap their losing streak, winning 5-4 in Fridays game.

Saturdays first game wasn’t looking good for the Coyotes, who scored their first run in the ninth by Aaron Beckley.

With looks of discouragement from the Coyote audience, after a disappointing performance, there was a surprise in store for everyone.

After their first run, the Coyotes were on fire, bringing the score to 5-7 at the bottom of the ninth.

While every game takes great efforts for the team to work together to win, the Coyotes would have not been successful without freshman, Tyler Staab.

Batting for the second time in the ninth inning, Staab had self-control and was ready for what was to come, “Knew I wasn’t going down without a fight,” said Staab.

Losing 5-7 in the bottom of the ninth, the pressure was on the freshman.

Staab not letting his team down as the last batter, hits a double to right field scoring Beckley, Christian Gomez, and Steven Chagolla, winning the game for the Yotes, 8-7.

The Coyotes were not expecting this win but they sure needed it, “Keep fighting, you never know, nobody thought we were going to come back,” said Staab.

Working together seems to be the key to the game for the Coyotes.

Feeling ready and ambitious for game two on Saturday, the Coyotes were hit with their first loss against the Monterey Bay Otters.

Saturday’s second game against the Otters seemed to be a bit tougher with a final score of 11-5, Otters.

Coming back at it for Sunday’s game the Coyotes had their last game against the Otters.

The Otters got the first and only run in the first inning scoring Victor Rasor-Thompson of CSU Monterey Bay.

Coyotes got their first run in the third inning, thanks to Cassise bringing in Colton Johnson to score.

Gaining runs back and forth the Otters took home Sunday’s game winning 4-2.

There are always highs and lows for the Coyote baseball team but as Staab says, “Do everything you can, can’t look back and regret.”

The Coyotes are finding joy from their first two games and reviewing their mistakes from the last two games, but they are not going to let it get in the way of playing this weekend against the San Diego Tritons.


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