Find anything but love on the Internet, online dating is for creeps

By Dominique Sterling |Staff Writer|

Students need to realize that online dating sites are not the best ways to meet someone. People think that in this new age of technology where you can pretty much find anything on the Internet, why not find love as well?

Many online dating sites and their users argue that there is not enough time in our everyday schedules to find dating prospects. Many of their testimonials explain that within their busy lives it is very difficult to meet a compatible person.

I believe that online dating is not the most personal way to meet someone, that should be obvious.

For many people, online dating is a way for them to get out of their comfort zone without facing any major issues they would encounter in face-to-face dating. Online dating has its positives and negatives but as a whole I would say that I think it shouldn’t be used.

The main reason I think people use them is that because they like the impersonal aspect of the Internet which allows less awkward moments.

However this is what students need to fight, they need to take initiative and fight what’s holding them back from just approaching someone in real life. Not to mention, many of the negatives from online dating come from a safety standpoint.

While technology continues to take over I fear that the lack of personal interaction will continue to decrease. With Valentine’s Day approaching I wondered if there would be a spike in online-dating enrollments.

As I spoke with students around the campus about the topic, many of the women agreed with me in saying that it is creepy.

“I would be too afraid that they would be a creeper and it’s not very personal. I would much rather meet someone in a coffee shop,” said student Heather Johnson.

It would be very difficult for me to trust someone who I never met to only have good intentions when it came to my well-being.

Although many dating sites target people who are in their late 20s and above, college students may begin to look towards online dating sites to find love due to lack of free time.

Many of us are continually working on the next steps to our careers and dating becomes something that is put on the back burner. Another big negative that online dating sites have is a fee for their services.

Many college students, myself included, struggle to pay for books and really don’t have the extra money to pay for a love connection.

I asked students if the upcoming holiday would make them consider online-dating if they haven’t been lucky in love so far. “That’s why Jesus made chocolate and ice cream so I can sit by myself and enjoy [a] happy Valentine’s Day,” said Johnson.

Taking the safe approach to dating — some active things you could do to look for love would be join something, anything. New environments bring new faces or form a study group with all of the potential prospects in your class. Last but not least be friendly to everyone, everybody loves the nice guy or girl.

You should also check out the Speed Dating event on Feb. 15 in the Santos Manuel Student Union.

This could reduce the amount of awkward moments people fear because it is understood that you never have to see a person ever again after your few minutes together are over. If the crazy idea of online dating should cross your mind and you can’t resist, remember to be safe, meet in a public place and watch out for the creepers.

My advice to you is to just get out there into the real world, to find a real person that will love you for who you are, not your avatar.


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