How to cope with a breakup

By Monica Rosales |Staff Writer|

A breakup can sometimes feel as if your whole world was suddenly flipped upside down and although there is no magic spell to make it all better, looking for healthy ways to get over your hardship is essential.

“I did not want to talk about it because I didn’t think it was worth talking about,” said Jessica Ramos, student. “I knew the relationship was ending but something still lingered.”

Whether the relationship lasted a week or years, feeling a sense of devastation is a normal reactio.

Sheri Meyers, a marriage therapist said, “you’ve gotta feel,”  in her article “Dealing with a Breakup”.

“If you feel like crying, cry,” said Meyers. “If you’re pushing your feelings down, they’re just going to make you calloused or afraid.”

Communication is not just key in relationships, but the key to surviving some of the hardships an individual may encounter in life, even if they don’t think it is worth talking about.

Friends and family are friendly reminders of what can bring joy and happiness when it’s easy to forget how much you enjoyed your favorite things pre-split.

“My best friend truly became my best friend because she made me get up and go out and I love her so much for that because I don’t think I would be myself again without her making me take random Disneyland trips,” said Michelle Martinez.

Learning to enjoy the moment and laugh again helps speed up the healing process, both emotionally and physically.

Looking for something you love is a perfect way to feel like yourself again and sometimes it means taking steps in directions you are not used to.

Some even search outside their comfort zone to look for activities like going to theme parks, hiking, concerts or even rediscovering past hobbies.

“It felt very frustrating at first so I started riding my bike again,” said Nick Castro, student. “It became an obsession and it helped me deal with everything I was going through.”

Meyers states that exercise is good when coping with a breakup because it increases endorphin’s, which help lower your stress levels, improve cognitive functioning and boost your mood.

Exercise is essential because it makes you do the complete opposite of what you are feeling at the moment and it forces your mind to think differently.

“The gym became my second home,” said Dominic Smith. “I got so into this new routine and I met some amazing people that showed me a new view.”

There is a lot to be grateful for in life. Remember to acknowledge that friends, family, hobbies or new experiences are the best steps you can take to face reality once again.