Potter and friends close out theatres with tears and cheers

By Eric Brown |Managing Editor|

The magic was real early this morning  as the saga of the past decade closed with its final film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II.

Author J.K. Rowling’s Potter franchise has captivated countless readers and the films have served to bring the magic to life.

The story of Harry(Daniel Radcliffe), Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermoine (Emma Watson) has taken us from childhood through adolescence and final that bridge to what it means to grow up, and the audience has hung with the franchise through every spellbinding turn.

I would be remiss to not compare the movie to the novel, but this franchise has already proved how powerful it is in conveying the meaning of Rowling’s work.

That said, it seems some points in the final epic battle were trivialized and that some efforts at comedic relief were too overt; however these points were mute in comparison to the precedent set by the previous films.

The lives of many of the characters and the sub-plots apparent in the older films all tie up neatly, albeit not as thorough as in the book it must be pointed out that such depth was never displayed in the previous films, hence the trivial presentation of closure points in this final piece.

The profound effect of the Potter conclusion will make audiences cry, and imaginative minds scream for more. The film was everything that fans could have asked for.

Despite being shorter than past films in the franchise, it is hard to imagine how else director David Yates would have blended serious dialogue and rampant wizardry without distorting the already tumultuous plot.

On aesthetics, the film was gritty, as with the most recent films, but it was also strikingly more adult. Adult in a sense, that the characters had not only changed from the first films, but most notably between the two parts of the last book’s film. No longer were the characters childish in their actions, arrogant or indecisive.

Calm, humble and confident was this last installment of Harry and friends, and the final scene of the film shows just how far they have come and to what extent happily ever after does exist.

The final word; shorter than expected with just enough magic in all the right places and open enough to rope in the shrinking population of newcomers to the franchise.


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