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By Andrea Jimenez |Staff Writer|

MC Hammer releases 2Pac collab

MC Hammer finally shares music from his collaboration with the one and only 2Pac on Feb. 23.

20 years after his death, 2Pac continues to impact fans with great new music, reminiscing on simpler times, and “Too Tight” reminds fans why 2Pac’s music should be kept alive.

It is rumored that MC Hammer’s ghost album features more tracks in collaboration with 2Pac, but further details are yet to be released.

T.I. owes money to IRS 

For the third time, in the past year alone, it was disclosed on Feb. 24 that T.I. has been involved in some serious money issues with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Over the years he has failed to file taxes and it’s catching up to him all at once. According to Daily Mail, the latest lien is of $1,640,664.90 and two from past years of $1,397,283.47 and $3,173,476.39.

Adding up to $6,211,424.76 in debt, T.I. refused the payment demand from the IRS, leading to the possibility of having his assets derived to cover the debt.

Gaycation by Ellen Page                                                                                                                    

Canadian actress Ellen Page stars in a new show on Vice titled “Gaycation,” where she travels around to different places of the world in pursuit to help homosexuals come out to their families and communities.

The first episode was released on Feb. 25, in this episode Ellen and Ian travel to Japan, where same-sex marriage is frowned upon.

In their journey they meet several individuals and experience the struggle of living in a society that refuses to give equal rights to gays, constantly living in a place where you cannot be yourself.

“Wolverine” director takes on Disney’s “Captain Nemo” 

Director James Mangold announced on Feb. 25 that he will be directing Disney’s upcoming film “Captain Nemo.”

The film is based on Jules Verne’s classic science fiction book “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” which features one of the most well known, mysterious anti-heroes, Captain Nemo.

They are currently working on editing the final script for the film, making sure that this mysterious anti-hero is brought to life as well as he was in the novel.

Jack White on “The Muppets” season finale 

Jack White, the former lead singer and guitarist of the famous rock band The White Stripes, announced his guest appearance in “The Muppets'” season finale.

White will be switching his role from a hardcore rock star to a relationship adviser for Kermit the Frog. Muppet fans are hoping that White will be the one who brings Kermit and Miss Piggy back together after their harsh separation.

The reveal of this story will be aired on March 1, and everyone is hoping for a rockin’ ending.

The first Canadian signed to BBK

Drake announced on Feb. 24 that he signed a deal with British grime artist Skeptal and his record label Boy Better Know (BBK).

Drizzy shared this incredible news with the world on his Instagram, “The first Canadian signed to BBK,” he posted a few moments before going on stage with Skeptal at a Section Boyz show in London.

Though the details surrounding the announcement aren’t clear yet, both long term friends have made it official on social media.

Adele says hello to four awards

British singer and song writer Adele stole the show on Feb. 24 at the BRIT Awards in London after surpassing the number of awards other artists received on that prestigious night.

Although Adele’s “25” album missed out on a Grammy nomination because it was released late in November of 2015, it did not stop her from walking home with the “[MasterCard] Album of the Year Award” two months later.

“To come back after so long away and be so warmly received is really lovely, thank you,” said Adele as she accepted her “Best British Female Solo Artist Award.” Throughout the night she also thanked her fans for her “Brit Award for British Single” and “Global Success Award.”


Beyoncé’s 2016 album release 

With only two months into the new year, Beyoncé has already made a great impact, from her spectacular Super Bowl half time show performance to announcing a profitable world tour, and two possible album releases, she never fails to surprise.

Rumors are floating around about a possible album release in April, featuring songs alongside her husband, Jay Z.

None of this is officially confirmed but the producer of her song “Drunk in Love” and “7/11” shared a picture on Feb. 24 of his schedule on Instagram with the note “Beyoncé songs” starting Feb. 1, sparking up hype and anticipation once again. [can’t find producer who posted photo — 7/11 has three, Drunk in Love has five. could not find specific producer]

50 Cent hints an upcoming show

After posting a picture on Instagram of himself posing in front of his elegant Rolls Royce on Feb. 23, 50 Cent builds up commotion among his followers.

“[…]I’m only getting better at what I do, wait until you see my new show on A&E. #EFFENVODKA” was his way of announcing his upcoming project.

“50 Cent Presents” will be a weekly program consisting of comedy and live music that will definitely be different from things that people have seen in the past, 50 cent claims.

Bill Cosby drops lawsuit 

Comedian Bill Cosby drops the defamation lawsuit that he imposed on Beverly Johnson on Feb. 25.

Cosby’s lawyers decided to leave this law suit at rest while they focus on his pending criminal proceedings, caused by the many sexual assault accusations that caused him dozens of lawsuits.

The defamation lawsuit is only postponed, and Cosby is certain that Johnson is lying about her strong accusations against him only to build a scandal and gain fame.

The President wants J. Cole.

President Barack Obama has requested for J.Cole to perform at his Democratic National Convention fundraiser on March. 1 in Austin, Texas.

“Our party led by president Obama is focused on building an economy that lasts, an economy that lifts up all Americans,” according to the committee’s website.

Obama has never hid his liking of rap music and hip hop. General admission for this event ranges a little over $250 per ticket.


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