Poetry reveals life of students

By Edward Hewitt |Staff Writer|

A nice cup of coffee, slice of pie and an audience who acknowledges good work with snaps, rather than a round of applause. This is the scene of the most recent poetry event held on campus.

The Women’s Resource Center hosted its first annual Poetry Jam Feb. 2. There were a handful of poets ranging from students to professors. Some poets presented original writings while others performed poems written by other authors that have made a difference in their life’s.

Even though the event was being held by the Women’s Resource Center it was open to everyone and did not just focus on one gender as one would think. The audience and performers were filled almost evenly with both males and females in attendance.

Performers like Annannee Garbaba performed a variety of different heartfelt poems that the audiences could relate to. This was most evident when she received a round of applause instead of snaps after she performed her poem entitled “Beautiful Things,” in which she just simply acknowledges the beautiful things this world has to offer.

Another Performer, Ryan Mattern, a graduate and published writer, performed an original poem entitled “Eight Reasons Chicago Makes Us Sad.” His delivery helped provide an insight on the way he viewed Chicago and the things that were happening during his time spent there helping  the audience envision the scene as he expressed it in words.

When asked what was the inspiration behind hosting an event such as the Poetry Jam, Yasmin, a member of the Women’s Resource Center staff said, “We just wanted to provide the students with a relaxed and intimate environment in which people could come out and express their self artistically.”

In efforts to eliminate any negative energy the staff of the Women’s Resource Center screened all of the poems days prior to the event to make sure no one would be sending off negative energy with inappropriate poems and vulgar language. Their efforts did not go unnoticed. The event provided the audience with impressive performers and left everyone wanting more.

In addition to the poetry and food being provided, the staff also gave away gift cards in which they delivered to the audience in a raffle providing more than one member of the audience with winnings. This helped keep the audience involved as they transitioned between performances.

Overall, the Women’s Resource Center provided a good quality event to the students and community members of CSUSB. They achieved their goal by providing the students with a relaxed environment and inspirational performances by their poets.

The Women’s Resource Center provides quality events all school year and has plenty events happening throughout the quarter which are highly recommended to those who want to learn more and get involved with the campus community. For future events visit studentunion.csusb.edu/centers/wrc/


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