Podolske nominated for USDA fellowship

By Michele Cruz |Staff Writer|

Diane Podolske was nominated by President Dr. Albert Karnig for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Eligio “Kika” De La Garza Fellowship program in Washington this summer.

The Fellowship program was named after the first Hispanic congressman of Texas Eligio “Kika” De la Garza II.  The fellowship was established in 1998 and it is associated with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Leadership Groups.

“I am really grateful that the administration accepted my application, representing southern California is great,” said Diane Podolske, the director of Community University Partnerships and Service Learning.

In this opportunity Podolske will go to Washington for three weeks. She will receive information on grant money and research opportunities.

Podolske will be networking for CSUSB and obtaining opportunities with government agencies like the Department of Agriculture, education and labor. She will get direct insight on what government agencies are looking for in students for scholarships.

Coyote Careers is a $2.4 million program that was funded by the government for CSUSB students.

Coyote Careers helps students get free tutoring, career opportunities and Alumni networking.

According to Podolske she would like to have more programs like this for students.

“The De La Garza program is a pretty amazing fellowship and it lets faculty find a way for students to get scholarship and research opportunities,” said Bryant Fairley, associate director of Community University Partnerships.

According to Fairley, the Fellowship gives all students opportunities.  It has helped 25 students find opportunities with USDA and 10 of them the find jobs.

“I am going to bring back information about grants that will help faculty talk to students about more opportunities. The budget is really bad and I don’t know if the services we have now will still be available”, said Podolske.

Podolske comes from a family of educators and won President’s Outstanding Employee award for 2009-2010. Podolske is dedicated to help Hispanic students become successful and wants all graduating students find jobs.

For more information about the Garza Fellowship contact Diane Podolske at (909) 537-7483, and information on Coyote Careers log on to http://CoyoteCareers.csusb.edu.



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