Photography class shares their inspiration

By Diana Ramos |Staff Writer|



I got the chance to visit Professor Thomas McGovern’s Art 291: Beginning Digital Photography class and see a few of the aesthetically pleasing photographs his talented students took. The students shared with me their inspiration, preferred style of photography and their passion for it.

“I prefer analog photography, because working with film you don’t know what you’re going to come out with when you are taking the picture you have to wait until you develop it and developing the film is a lot of work that takes so much energy I feel like I am doing more with film than with digital.” -Diana Hernandez

Diana Hernandez

“I picked this class because it was for my major. I chose this major because this has been the thing that I’ve loved since I can remember. Pictures, cameras, I’ve broken so many cameras, and I’ve had so many. I also have many pictures that I love.” – continued Hernandez

“I enjoy taking portraits of people basically anything from taking pictures of babies, kids, couples anything like that.” -Amelia Murillo

Amelia Murillo

“For me, I like doing it because it’s very therapeutic. It’s just you and your project. It’s my moment to do what I want to do besides being with my family and dealing with school. Its relaxing to me.” –Edward Montgomery

Edward Montgomery

“I also chose this class because of my major and because it’s more interesting. You get to meet new people or even capture people’s expressions and their personalities through pictures rather than sitting in an office.” – Sandra Garcia

Sandra Garcia

“I took this class because I’m not so much of a picture person. I’m more of a live in the moment kind of person and I feel like every time I go to an event, I always feel like I don’t take advantage of saving those memories. But with pictures you get to save those memories. For example now when someone says man I wish we would’ve taken pictures at a particular event I’ll say I had my camera and I took pictures, and now we have the chance to reminisce and keep enjoying our memories.” –Byanet Hermosillo

Byanet Hermosillo

“I come traditionally from drawing and I did everything by hand. I always thought photography was the easiest of the arts but after taking this class, I’ve learned that it is not. I took this class for units but I was genuinely interested in photos so I ended up taking photography.” –Edin Espinoza

Edin Espinoza

I enjoy photography that tells a story, like pictures of people in their natural environment.- Anthony Nguyen

Anthony Nguyen

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