Phoenix strike it rich with Bankrupt!

By Britney Vargas |Staff Writer|

With four successful albums behind them, French band Phoenix takes a chance with their newly released album Bankrupt!, creating a surprisingly different sound.

Prior to the release of their fourth album Phoenix was just an underground band desperately trying to make it big, despite their long, but dedicated run in the music industry.

In an interview with Jason LipSchultz for BillboardBiz, guitarist/keyboardists Laurent Brauncowitz said “our strategy was to always try and keep the same direction through out all those years, and at some point, the wheel of fortune stopped at this position.”


Although not typically mainstream music, Phoenix won over fans with their recent performance headlining at  Coachella this year, singing songs from old albums, along with all new tracks “Entertainment” and “The Real Thing” from Bankrupt!.

“I loved seeing them at Coachella, I didn’t know they had a new album out so getting to hear a couple of their new songs was super cool,” said student Chris Ortiz.

The band’s first single “Entertainment” is by far the best song on the album, hitting keyboard melodies that opens listeners up to an 80s pop feel with a hint of disco influence, instead of the usual alternative-pop guitar strums they’re so famously known for.

Student Ondrina said she has always been a Phoenix fan after hearing one of their hits while at work. When word of a new album was out, it was no question to her that this album would potentially be the best one yet.

“When I first heard their single ‘Entertainment’ I was kind of surprised to hear such a change in direction compared to songs on the other albums, at first I couldn’t tell if I liked it or not, but hearing it in full, I really loved it.”

“Headline from this day on Why you keep pretending that you wanna let go? Do. Do you wanna let go? Loud volume turn to low low low low low low.”

Another highlight of the album is the R&B inspired “Chloroform,” a refreshing new spin on Phoenix’s usual alt-indie style.

Among their new album, the almost seven minute long track and album title “Bankrupt” could be the most questionable song, and overstays its welcome with an endless musical ending.

Listening to only instrumentals for almost the first minute of the song almost becomes boring until lead singer Thomas Mars chimes in with his strong, smooth vocals, and the interest is regained. Although the music itself is great, an amazing vocalist like Mars could be used a lot sooner in the song.

So, could this album be the start of an even longer, more successful career?

Well aware of their recent stardom at Coachella, the truth in fact is that Phoenix is the best kept secret in music.

Phoenix is set to hit the U.S. with tour dates to promote the new album in the next upcoming months.

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