Persona 5 steals gamers free time

By Robert Klimper |Staff Writer|

Gamers can take the lead of a gang of thieves and steal corrupt hearts in hopes of making the world a better in “Persona 5 (P5).”

The sixth installment of the “Persona” franchise was released worldwide on April 4, 2017 after several delays since its originally planned release in winter of 2014. It was released in Japan on Sept. 15, 2016.

Even though this is the sixth entry into the franchise, new players do not have to worry. As has been the case since “Persona 3,” the game can be enjoyed on its own merit, outside of minor references to previous installments.

Atlus, the producers of the “Persona” series, improves upon the elements that fans of the franchise have come to expect from the series, while also adding new aspects that make the game feel refreshing and new.

A major shift in the game is that the main locations that battles take place in, referred to as Palaces.

These are unique, with puzzles and interesting level design, compared to the randomly generated dungeon layouts present in “Persona 3” and “Persona 4.”

Palace locations are an improvement on the Midnight Channel domains from “Persona 4,” where they were based on the reflections of the true nature of the person who resided there.

 Only the walls were unique in “Persona 4,” whereas in “Persona 5,” each location is unique.

To anyone who enjoyed the randomized dungeon set up from previous entries, “Persona 5” still includes such designs in an area called Mementos, a representation of the public’s collective unconscious, where the stealing of hearts is done on a smaller scale.

Combat in “Persona 5” is the same as in previous entries, yet more streamlined, with each button on the controller performing a different action.

Thus, allowing combat to move quicker as opposed to selecting having to move down a list to select a different attack.

“Persona 5” also reintroduces an attack type, the use of gun attacks, which was present in earlier entries in the series and is still present in Shin Megami Tensei, the game which “Persona” branched off of.

Instead of the traditional method of obtaining personas, players can now acquire them by hitting enemies with a move they are weak to, or injuring them with a critical hit.

This in turn allows the player to try and convince the enemies to join their side by giving them an item or funds. A new element present in the game is in regards to a battle at Palace. Palace falls apart and becomes unavailable, so players should try and savor that location.

Since the game’s worldwide release changed multiple times, the Japanese voice cast is a free download for gamers who would like the original language “Persona 5” was recorded in.

“Persona 5” is a good jumping in point for those who are new to the franchise, while offering some much needed improvements and new additions for returning fans.


The calling card art for the Phantom Thieves of Heart in Persona 5.

Persona 5 is the sixth entry into the Atlus branch-off franchise from their main series of Shin Megami Tensei or SMT

An important part for Persona 5 is raising the main characters social stats, allowing the character access to certain confidants and choices in gameplay.

A special PS4 theme offered to those that preordered the game through the Sony Playstation Store

For those that would be interested, Persona 5 offers the original Japanese voice cast for free, as downloadable content.

The main start up for Persona 5 on the PS4

Persona 5 allows players to be able to see other players choices during day and night settings through the Thieves Guild.

The combat for Persona 5 is much smoother than selecting tabs like in previous games.

Setting the theme of stealing what is most close to an evil heart is set, with the opening tutorial involving robbing a casino

Transitions and important text markers are set about in the most stylized ways.

Persona 5, like previous games in the series, has a very stylized art style throughout the game.


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