Paying attention to your phone or your professor?

By Angelina Garibay |Staff Writer|

Can anyone remember what life was like before cell phones were our constant companions, our favorite accessory, our lifeline?
Cell phones have become such an integral part of our lives. They keep us connected to our little sphere of society and the world at large.
We can Tweet in an instant to reveal to our followers our deepest thoughts or a funny incident. We can share a laugh by posting a picture of some outlandish outfit that someone thought fit to wear in public, or better yet, upload a video to YouTube of their antics prancing around in it.
And who can live a day without checking Facebook?
Cell phones offer so much entertainment and, let’s face it, they can be useful too.
Many people would be driving around in circles without the map apps that guide you on your way in a choice of soothing accents to calm your fears of being lost.
For the industrious student, there is a plethora of information to be gleaned off the web to help with studies. Even during class, you can pull up some quick information to help you understand what the professor is talking about.
Screech, halt, wait a minute. Did I hear all the professors on campus screaming in unison, “NO!”?
Cell phone use in the classroom has initiated different responses from different professors.
“If it rings, you sing,” said Dr. Astrid Sheil, a professor of communication studies. She said she requires a song for the penalty of a phone going off during class.
Sheil also commented on a situation of a student looking like she was text messaging in class. The professor called the student on it only to find out that the student was writing notes into her phone.
Another professor has detailed on their syllabus: “Cell phones and all other electronic devices are not allowed in class; if you use your cell phone for text-messaging, you will be asked to leave class.”
Should the professors even be concerned about what the students are doing?
What is the all the fuss about? What is the problem with text messaging during class?
“I think it should be the choice of the student if we use our cell phones or not,” said student Michel’le Jones.
The truth is the students are here at CSUSB by personal choice and most are paying for that opportunity.
Thousands of dollars are going towards an education. In other words, you are paying the professor to teach you something.
Some professors might perceive it as a student’s dare, “I dare you to teach me something while I am consumed with the fascination of the cell phone/internet.”
Studies are revealing that these entertaining distractions are actually keeping our brains from being able to concentrate for long periods of time.
The debate all boils down to a personal choice.
Is it worth it to be distracted during class for entertainment and miss important information that might be on an exam? How much is your cell phone really costing you?
It could be thousands of dollars, your dollars.

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