Passionate teaching matters

By Destiny Guzman |Staff Writer|

Each professor has their own style of teaching, which can affect a student’s learning experience.

Personally, it matters how a professor chooses to teach; but the most important aspect is if they have passion and enthusiasm in their lectures.

“Effective teaching requires flexibility, creativity and responsibility in order to provide an instructional environment able to respond to the learner’s individual needs,” stated Cristina Tulbure in an article entitled, “Learning styles, teaching strategies and academic achievement in higher education: A cross-sectional investigation.”

I believe that passionate and enthusiastic teaching styles are the most effective for better learning outcomes. What I mean by passion and enthusiasm is the way a professor is able to connect with their students by offering help, advice and a diverse selection of interaction.

Learning then becomes interesting, and curiosity becomes evident as we begin to search deeper about the topics that are presented to us in class.

“I feel that you learn more when you’re picking at each other’s brains and when you’re listening to each other’s opinions versus just reading something from the text or looking up at the prompter,” said student Maria De Lourdes Campos.

“We all learn differently,” added De Lourdes Campos.

I do not expect professors to try to accommodate every students’ learning style, but I can say that I am very grateful to the professors who take the time to try to incorporate a variety of teaching methods within their lectures.

“A great teacher is someone who has passion for the subject, interacts with students, provides examples and other work to get a better understanding of the material,” said student Jessika Campos.

The best teaching styles go back to passion and enthusiasm, incorporating many different teaching ways. Every professor has their own teaching method but is it all up to the professor to help his/her student pass the class?

“I feel like students and teachers, it’s both a responsibility to teach and to learn,” continued De Lourdes Campos.

We, as students, should be able to know what helps us retain the information because let’s face it, we will have those professors who just put us straight to sleep. It is fine if a professor’s teaching style is writing on black board or using PowerPoints, but let us hope that they do not bore us with their lack of passion and unenthusiastic teaching methods.

“It does matter the way that a professor sounds or if they’re funny or if they’re witty or if they have like a strong pitch because I feel when you talk like this, (speaks in a low monotone voice) you’re putting people to sleep, and we’re coming here to get an education,” concluded De Lourdes Campos.

If a professor is able to tell when a student is slacking off, would it be a surprise if students can tell when a professor is doing the same?


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