Papa Roach takes over CSUSB’s Coussoulis Arena


After months of anticipation, fans were  finally treated  to the Paparoach Make-Up concert in CSUSB’s Coussoulis Arena. The show also featured performances by Alien Ant Farm, Panic at the Disco and The Black Cloud Collective.

The lines grew longer as time got closer, the excitement began to rise throughout the crowds as the X-team from a local radio station X103.9 began to give out t-shirts, cd’s and posters.

As doors opened, from our very own Coussoulis Arena, for the VIP ticket holders the crowds rushed to get to the front of the stage. People pushed and shoved just so they could be up close and personal with their favorite bands.

While the audio and lights were prepared for the first band performance the front row got a glimpse of the members of Panic! At The Disco (PATD) playing some basketball. Many attendees agreed that Brendon Urie, lead vocals, should stick to singing due to the fact that     he kept missing shots.

The crowd began to get rowdy as they waited for The Black Cloud Collective to hit the stage. The lights got dimmer as Brandon Seller, Matt Pauling and Joey Bradford took the stage the uncontrollable cheering began.

The crowd showed them much love as they performed their songs. They brought their performance to an end with their most popular single “Hail Mary”.

After the intermission that seemed to last hours, due to technical difficulties, PATD finally took over the stage.

As PATD began their performance, with their new single “The Ballad of Mona Lisa” from their new LP Vice & Virtues, they also had some difficulties with their microphones but Brendon just laughed it out and continued with their performance. As they switched from song to song they maintained chit chat with their fans and joking among each other.

After PATD amazing performance Alien Ant Farm (AAF) started to set up and surprised the crowd by having the 3-year-old daughter of bassist Tye Zamora playing the drums. Seems to be music runs in their blood.

Though Alien Ant Farm was part of the Very Merry Xmas Party at Stingers this past December they where more than glad to to share the stage Papa Roach. Dryden Mitchell, lead singer, mentioned that Papa Roach was the reason why they where were they are at now.

While they where performing Papa Roach was admiring their work. AAF tied in their performance with their unforgettable cover “Smooth Criminal.”

Next, Jacoby and the rest of the band members from Papa Roach entered the stage the crowed went crazy. As Jacoby was making his sincere apology for not being able to make it to the Very Merry Xmas Party his very young son tried to take away his spotlight. He joined his dad all throughout his performances.

As Papa Roach performed their songs Jacoby gave a brief explanation on how the songs represented not only his life but as well as each and every band member. His explanations were filled with intimate meanings as well as sexual jokes and hand gestures which were kept discrete due to his child being on stage with them.

The crowd sang along to every song they performed and they continued their performance you could see the bands expressions fill with joy.

As Jacoby introduced the song that represent a bad time of their life that was just destroying them. The crowd was able to lift their spirits by singing along with such emotion that would just leave anyone speechless.

You where able to see the radiance of happiness shine through the band members. Knowing that no matter what they went through, how hard life would get for them they will always have such amazing fans supporting them every step of the way.  That truly healed their “Scars.”

They ended their amazing performance with the “Last Resort” from their Infest album to cheers for an encore.

As the crowd made their way out of the arena many made their way to buy some band t-shirts and get pictures and autographs from The Black Cloud Collective.

The all night acoustic affair was a total success. For a concert that was completely acoustic it definitely blew people’s minds away.


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