Pace your Saturdays

By Annette Verdejo |Staff Writer|

The San Bernardino Pacers provide the community with a positive and fun club to train for marathons or just to get some exercise.

They’re a local fitness club that meets every Saturday at the Farmer Boys on Kendall and University Parkway at 7:00 a.m. They encourage new participants to come and meet them for their hour long run/walk followed by breakfast at Farmer Boys.

The Pacers are devoted to promoting fitness and good health by encouraging people of all walks of life to come out and run/walk with them. There is no specific fitness level that participants have to be in order to train with the Pacers.

You might be thinking that they only have the same route on Saturdays, but they actually do special outings to Lake Gregory, Wrightwood and Diamond Valley Lake.

Their dates and times for special outings will be posted on their website Some of their easier routes are right here around campus.

Have you ever tried to do a fitness program by yourself and failed? A group is usually more productive when trying to reach certain goals because you have the encouragement of others to help you meet your target time and distance.

“Being an athlete makes our bodies stronger, but having the support of a crowd of athletes makes our minds stronger,” according to

Something unique about the Pacers is that they help participants train for marathons and special events. They have training regimens which include beginning runner, daily running/walking, maintenance, marathon training and marathon recovery. Those of you that have trained for and ran a marathons know how vital a recovery period can be for your body.

The organization was started in 2000 to prepare participants for the LA marathon. In the beginning there were only 20 members, but now, over 10 years later, that number has doubled.

For those Coyotes that live more towards Redlands and Loma Linda and do not want to drive all the way to San Bernardino on a Saturday, there is a similar running club in Loma Linda, called “The Loma Linda Lopers”.

The Lopers have been around for 30 years and have opened up a division in Riverside.

The Lopers meet on Sundays at 6:30 a.m. at the Drayson Center on the Loma Linda University campus. The Lopers are different than the Pacers because they have up to 700 members that participate. If you have ever been in Loma Linda on a Sunday and have seen people in pink shirts walking or running, those were Lopers.

Students could train with the Pacers or the Lopers if they want to participate in the Iron Coyote which is a complete Ironman Triathlon that takes place during the spring quarter. Students have until June 2 to complete the challenge.

Whether you prefer running/walking with a group of people or by yourself, it’s important to have some sort of physical exercise in your routine if you want to live a healthy life.