Owen Odigie to run for ASI president

By Jennifer Baeskens |Staff Writer|

243 c 7“CSUSB has given me so much and I want to spend my last year here giving back to the school,” said Owen Odigie, a candidate for ASI president.
Owen Odigie is currently ASI Vice President of Finance and is looking at becoming ASI president.
This is important to him and he feels like it gives him what he needs to be ASI president.
“I love serving students,” said Odigie.
Odigie is majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. He has endorsements from several clubs and associations across campus that include, the Chinese Student Association, Badminton Sports Club, the Finance Management Association, and the Ceramics Association.
Odigie is also an avid volunteer in the community, as well as a former SOAR leader.
Odigie’s campaign is simple, he has the proven leadership and wants to help students across campus through various events, and accomplish goals.
Odigie explained that CSUSB is growing. The campus is no longer a small campus but a large campus that is outgrowing it facilities quickly.
 “I want to see our student oriented facilities expand,” said Odigie. “I want to be there to have the student voice to expand the Student Union.”
He wants to not only expand the Student Union, but the Rec Center as well.
By expanding the Student Union and the Rec Center, Odigie believes that there will be more jobs created for students. This will also allow students to work on campus instead of working at other locations far from campus.
“I want to be an image for the students,” said Odigie. “I want to advocate for students on the Local, State, and Federal level.”
One of Odigie’s goals is to have an open forum for students once a quarter. In this open forum students would be able to state their concerns, opinions, and wants to ASI executives.
The student voice is just as important to Odigie as adding fun events on Campus that will cultivate student school spirit.
Odigie said his running mate, Ceirra Lavarias is a vital part of making these events happen. He explained that Ceirra also wants to expand student forums, give students a fun spring break concert, as well as make the ASI tailgating events bigger so that athletes around campus can feel the spirit that CSUSB has.
Student population has grown increasingly over the years, and this has left a lack of resources. Odigie wants to provide more resources to students to accommodate this growth, as well as fix the problem that he sees students facing.
“Students should vote for me because I genuinely care,” said Odigie. “There’s a reason I have been involved in over nine different clubs and organizations.“
He also added, “I like getting involved and helping people.”
Students can vote on May 7 and 8. They can vote in front of the Student Union, Jack Brown Hall, Social and Behavioral Science Building, University Hall and the Pfau Library.

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