Open your heart and your wallet

By Cheran Dinger |Staff Writer|

Reina Cruz, a CSUSB custodian, is trying to raise money to send her two children, Susana and Juan, on “The Annual Student Educational Trip to Washington D.C.” through Caesar E. Chavez Middle School here in San Bernardino.
According to the organization behind the excursion, USA Student Travel, young students will see, hear and feel American History in a “hands-on” environment that is sure to enhance their classroom experience.
“It would be a great opportunity for my kids to go somewhere they have never been before,” said Cruz.

This four-day excursion will take place June 4, 2012. The total cost is $1,749 per student.

The Washington D.C. trip is filled with historical landmarks and sightseeing. The students will see the World War II Memorial, the Arlington National Cemetery and The Roosevelt Memorial to name a few.

“I want to see everything. I use Google maps a lot and I’ve mapped out a lot of things I want to see,” said Juan.

“I want to see the museums and I’ve heard about the art, I want to see a lot of places too,” said Susana.

Cruz is no stranger to the economic downturn that we are all dealing with.

Her goal is to raise enough money for her children to attend the Washington D.C. excursion.

Being a valued patron of the school, she needs our help with donations and sponsors to help make this dream come true.

When asked how she likes working at CSUSB for over three years, Cruz said, “I like the environment. I like being in the public. I like seeing the smiles of the students and faculty.”

Juan, her oldest son, enjoys playing video games such as Mortal Kombat in his spare time and building what he calls “paper people”.
“He has always been good with his hands,” sad Cruz. “Since he was little he was always building something.

Juan was recently recognized for his artistic skills in an awards ceremony, taking place at Caesar E. Chavez Middle School.
“Only 10 students were asked to show their work in the exhibit. I am so proud of him,” said Cruz.

Susana, her youngest child, is into outdoor activities such as running and wants to join a cross-country team in the future.
When she’s not doing her math homework she likes roller-skating with her friends in her neighborhood.
“She likes climbing and hiding in the trees,” Cruz said with a giggle.

These two ambitious and bright-eye students have an opportunity to see things they have only read about in a textbook or googled on the Internet.
With the help of all CSUSB faculty and student we can make two dreams come true for these deserving children.

The first deadline for payment is rapidly approaching for Reina Cruz and her two children on May 5, 2011.

If you are interested in donating, please call Cruz at (909) 965-0645 for more information.

Sponsorship information is available at or call 1-800-949-0650 for more information.



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