One Republic releases music with new sound


One Republic – Oh My My

By Spencer Reifel |Staff Writer|

Grammy-nominated band OneRepublic has released their anticipated album “Oh My My” on Oct. 7, the first in over two years.

The band has experienced many successes including three full-length platinum and gold albums, countless hit singles, and a variety of nominations.

Lead vocalist Ryan Tedder is a workhorse and has made a career on writing songs for people like Demi Lovato and Adele, but with his vocal range he cannot stay away from singing.

“Making an album is never easy. Attempting to make the greatest album of your life is even less easy,” said Tedder to Billboard reporter Colin Stutz.

The success Tedder had with other artist has reflected on this album.

Each song has a different vibe yet they seem to bleed together.

The group’s previous albums gave the band their signature sound, but “Oh My My” is completely different from the other album like “Native” and “Waking Up.”

“This album has some hits and misses. I like all of their music; I was excited after hearing the single ‘Kids,’ but some of the songs pull me away,” stated Anissa Cooper.

On a few songs, the listener can get the feeling that it should be someone elses song instead of their own, and it’s in “Let’s Hurt Tonight.”

The song sounds like the band borrowed certain characteristics from other bands; this is where they start losing their identity.

With the use of acoustic guitar and the raspy voice of Tedder, this starts off the album on a different foot, thoughout the song he pulls back to hitting the high notes.

The biggest flaw in this whole record would be the message that it is trying to make with the mix of bass, techno, and acoustic depending on the song.

Tracks like “Oh My My (feat. Cassius)” and “Dream” have a very heavy use of bass throughout the songs, yet they are not played in an order that helps you with the build up of the album.

The single “Kids” pulls you right back into the old sound fans are used to.

“A.I.(feat. Peter Gabriel)” would have to be the song that pulls away from the standard that the band is known for in their past albums, with the use of techno in the entry.

This album might pull in other listeners that did not like the way OneRepublic was, but it also will keep the current fan satisfied.

With all of this stated about these songs, think of this statement by Gail Sheehy, “If we do not change, we do not grow. We do not grow, we are not really living.”

This album is a collection of different sounds for the group that has not yet been as convincing as older albums have been.

You can listen to the album on Spotify and YouTube to see if you like the group’s new sound.

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