Oliver reaches win 200, Coyotes top standings

By Britney Carter |Staff Writer|

CSUSB men’s basketball recent triumph over Cal State East Bay was a victory like no other for Coyote’s head coach, Jeff Oliver.

That night marked 200 wins with the CSUSB’s men’s basketball team.

“It was great! Everyone has been so congratulatory,” Coach Oliver said. “It’s now time to make it 201 this Friday.”

The win took place Jan. 14 in the Coussoulis Arena.  The victory also allowed the Coyotes to maintain top position in the standings.

Under Oliver’s direction this season, the men’s team has been number one in the division with an impressive 8-2 league record. They have a one game advantage over Cal Poly Pomona and are currently at the halfway mark in the conference.

Nevertheless, Coach Oliver has greater plans in mind for the Coyotes. His next goal is to take first place in the California Collegiate Conference and to seek to become number one in the nation.

If Oliver can carry the team to the conference, it will be Cal State San Bernardino’s  first appearance in the national conference tournament.

“We have maintained our top spot and have been the most successful team in the country,” said Oliver adding, “I would like to make it to nationals — the elite.”

Currently, Humboldt State is number one in the California Collegiate Conference. Cal State San Bernardino is second. Coach Oliver and his team had a unique opportunity to close the gap when they played against Humboldt State last Friday night.

Oliver spent two years as an assistant coach at Ventura University, and helped lead them to the state championships in the  1995-96 season. His next coaching assignment was as the head coach at San Bernardino Valley College where he was named Conference Coach of the Year.

Oliver joined the CSUSB coaching staff in 1998-99 and has been dedicated to the team ever since. When former head coach Larry Reynolds left the coaching staff, the Coyotes had already conquered the number two spot in the regional conference. Oliver is determined to make sure the team can excel and become the number one university in Division II.

“I can’t complain; we just need to improve on our technique,” Oliver said.

Overall, Oliver is exceedingly content with his progression as well as the team’s progression.  Minor areas for improvement for the remainder of the season include execution and technique.

So far it’s been a prosperous season and the Coyotes have no doubt that they can take CSUSB to the top for the first time.



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