Obama brings home Iraq troops: war over?

By Chris Johnson |Staff Writer|

President Barack Obama announced on Oct. 21 that the war in Iraq will be over by the year’s end.

I guess you can say that the plan he announced during his presidential campaign to bring America’s troops home is finally coming to fruition as he stated that the troops will be back for the holidays.

However, later on in his speech he contradicted his earlier statement by saying that half of the remaining troops will be brought home at the end of the year while the rest will soon follow in the coming months.

So I ask, is the war in Iraq truly over? I do believe that although a majority of the soldiers will be brought back, but there will most likely remain a constant rotation of troops being sent back for at least the next few years to help rebuild and maintain an unpopular occupation.

As Obama states in his address, the U.S. will continue to work hand and hand with Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki to strengthen their institutions.

“We’ll build new ties of trade and of commerce, culture and education, that unleash the potential of the Iraqi people. We’ll partner with an Iraq that contributes to regional security and peace, just as we insist that other nations respect Iraq’s sovereignty,” said Obama.

This war was started on false pretenses by capitalizing on the enraged emotions of Americans after 9/11 to benefit private war contractors and natural resources such as oil by the former Bush administration.

Obama attempting to end this war during his term is commendable, not to mention a great reelection move.

When it comes to political news, all I hear is how Obama is spending too much money here where his focus needs to be there, and that he has yet to come through with much of his campaign promises.

Rarely do I hear about what he has achieved as president.

Coming into presidential power, most believed he would primarily be the social reform president and few could foresee the success he has had as a military president.

During his time as president, former “enemies” of the U.S. have been brought down. Osama bin Laden earlier in the year, and just recently Moammar Gaddafi, not too mention countless other enemies of the state.

Although murder is tragic, these timely foreign policy outcomes will give Obama the competitive edge needed for reelection.
These military achievements are something that Republicans can’t even deny or ridicule.

Even presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton will have to respect her rival and party member Obama for what he has been able to get done so far.

Being the talented orator that Obama is, he gives hope and inspiration to the future of Iraq and our troops, but the job is far from done as the soldiers will be in need of care and job opportunities just like the rest of struggling Americans.
Hopefully, this isn’t a fall sense of security and inspiration.


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