Not Your Typical Cancer Movie

By Jamey Johnson | Staff Writer |

Catherine Hardwicke, the director of “Twilight” brings a production filled with drama and romance, starring familiar faces we have all grown to know, Drew Barrymore from “50 First Dates” and Toni Collette from “Little Miss Sunshine.”

Miss You Already, a film about two best friends who have been inseparable since a young age compliment each other well by being polar opposites.

With the setting in London, where a lot of rock ‘n’ roll bands have shows & the nightlife is embedded in their culture, it was the perfect atmosphere because throughout the movie they are partying, drinking, and having fun.

While Milly (Toni Collette) is into rock bands, drinking so much until she has one-night stands, and crazy partying, Jess (Drew Barrymore) is more subtle and the “mom” figure of both characters, always the responsible designated driver but nonetheless, down to go out any night.

Both going through life changing events, the director focuses on both the good and bad.

Milly is suffering from the word that we cringe to hear, “cancer,” while Jess is on cloud nine when she receives news that she is expecting her first child after a long wait.

Never leaving her side, best friend Jess is right there with Milly through it all.

The soundtrack of this film is another important feature to me because it helped play a part when setting the mood.

Singer Paloma Faith’s music running throughout the bad moments and rock ‘n’ roll groups like Bands of Skulls gives you the perfect upbeat mood to enjoy the scenes even more.

With the film being almost 2 hours you will not be disappointed. You will laugh when you’re supposed to for instance, when Milly cracks jokes.

After getting to the root of the movie, Jess is concerned when she asks, “How did the tumor get so big?” “Because it’s aggressive, like you!” Milly answers. She is always good for being sarcastic with her loved ones.

The highlight of the movie was their sense of realism to remain positive in the face of devastation.

Overall, this is a must see movie that will have any audience never wanting to leave their loved one’s side and seemingly helps them to cherish every moment with one another.

Prior to watching with my best friend I thought, “This movie seems so boring, I had never heard of it.”

I’m usually not the one to see a film if I haven’t heard anything about it but that just goes to show that you should never judge a movie by its trailer.

I am glad my assumption was wrong because I ended up enjoying it. As opposed to other dramedys that seem forced to show emotion, “Miss You Already” did not.

The movie is very relatable as well, because we all have those unexpected times where you just have to roll with the punches, but regardless, these two show you through their expertise how to deal with it.

I admired the relationship between the girls and hope it inspires the audience to grasp the lessons learned of death, marriage, family, and friendship unlike your typical cancer movie.


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