No more smoking on campus

By Lindsey Martinovich |Staff Writer|

Smoking on campus is prohibited… or nearly so.

The following smoking policy was recommended by the CSUSB administrative council and approved by CSUSB President Albert Karnig in the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year:

According to the new smoking policy, “Smoking is prohibited on all CSUSB property and in all indoor and outdoor spaces owned, leased, licensed, or otherwise controlled by CSUSB, with the exception of designated smoking areas.”

This policy shall be assessed in two years from its inception date to determine its effectiveness and appropriateness.

This policy may be assessed before that time as necessary to reflect substantial organizational, physical, or academic changes at CSUSB or any change required by law.

Also stated in the policy, “Smoking is prohibited in all vehicles owned by CSUSB and at any event or activity on campus property.”

The policy expects all CSUSB students, faculty and staff to comply.

Optimistically, CSUSB believes that with time and patience, this policy will eventually become widely accepted and followed.

In addition to the policy, non-smoking signs are placed throughout campus.  All ash cans are to be removed on campus unless they are in the designated smoking areas.

According to the Student Health Center (SHC), “The success of this policy depends upon the courtesy, respect and cooperation of users and non-users of tobacco products.”

Any member of the CSUSB community may respectfully ask individuals to comply with this policy. The SHC, along with the Student Taskforce Against Tobacco (STAT), are committed to collaborate with all campus community entities in an effort to promote, educate and implement this policy.

Looking out for the betterment of all, the purpose of the smoking policy is to promote a healthy educational and work environment for all members of the CSUSB community.

The SHC hopes that this policy will create a supportive environment for those individuals who currently use tobacco and are seeking to quit.

The SHC claim that, “Research shows the likelihood of a person will be able to quit smoking is enhanced when the work environment has eliminated or curtailed the ability to smoke. For many smokers, the restrictive environment provides the required impetus to quit.”

Although the policy sounds great, it still leaves many students’ questions unanswered.

Where are the “designated smoking areas”?

Is there a fine for those caught violating the policy, and if so how much?

Who is responsible for enforcing the policy?

“I didn’t even know there were smoking areas on campus, I feel like people smoke wherever they wants to, especially outside of the (Santos Manuel Student Union),” said CSUSB student Kamerin Bateman.

“I have noticed a definite decrease in people that I see smoking on campus since my freshman year here at Cal State,” said CSUSB senior Arianna Flores.

Even though there is still some ambiguity within the smoking policy, “CSUSB is committed to create a safe, healthy and productive environment for its students, staff and visitors,” as stated in CSUSB’s policy guidelines.


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