Nintendo Switches It Up

Courtesy of The Nintendo Company
Courtesy of The Nintendo Company

Courtesy of The Nintendo Company

By Nylles Vernon |Staff Writer|

Nintendo released a three minute introductory teaser trailer for The Nintendo Switch, the company’s newest console system aimed entirely at an older generation of gamers.

The console has been shrouded in mystery for a few years now, but it has finally been revealed as a home and handheld device that can also be turned portable.

The trailer currently has 18 million plays on YouTube and 95 percent of the people who have seen it have given it positive reviews.

In the trailer, users are shown playing their favorite games at home and are seen converting the console to a handheld device to take with them on the go.

The console is just as big as a Kindle Fire, with some of the same similarities as Nintendo’s very popular Wii U device.

When the system is set up at home it sits upon a dock and will be able to connect to a home entertainment system and when lifted off the dock it will be in portable mode.

By far one of the coolest features of the system is when it’s docked the joystick or “Joy-Con,” controllers can be disconnected and used wirelessly with the device in it’s accessory grip.

Gamers will have the option of using the device or using the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, which is a more traditional way to play.

Nintendo is also moving forward with using game cartridges called “GameCards” instead of trying to keep up with the competition by using laser DVD discs.

A few of the games shown in the trailer were “Skyrim, Splatoon,” “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” as well as a few new Mario games.

One more exciting offering that the console will explore, is local multiplayer capabilities while playing sports games like NBA2K and FIFA.

In a press release by Nintendo, they express that their new console gives developers a new way to create games that gives gamers a choice to play them any way they choose.

“I watched the trailer and I liked how it switched out from the console to portable,” says Steven Gonzalez, a communications student. “I am also impressed with the amount of third party companies willing to work with Nintendo.”

A full list of developers Nintendo is working with to create games for the console can be viewed on the companies website

Nintendo has many people talking and even asking questions about the specs of the device.

Two big questions are if the console is touch screen and what is the battery life going to be like?

The Nintendo company has done a great job by keeping the project very under wraps, but they promise that more details, specs and info about their newest work of art is coming soon.

When asked about he felt about the news of the release, Roy Anderson said “This is the most excited I’ve been for a Nintendo console since Mario 64 came out.”

As of right now, Nintendo Switch has no current price yet, or an official release date, but they did say that the console is definitely coming this March.

If you’re excited for this new Nintendo Switch console like we are, feel free to let us know why and what games you can’t wait to play on twitter @CSUSBchronicle.

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