NFL has surprises for all

By Ashlynne Macan |Staff Writer|

The National Football League has sparked up quite a stir on campus.

Students often head up to the San Manuel Student Union Pub to watch Monday night football. You hear them talking about recent plays, what the teams could have done better, and what they expect from each player or team. They also get upset at referee calls and the disappointment of the teams’ plays.

Some students were surprised at how well some of the teams in the NFL have played thus far, and were also let down by the teams that they thought would do well.

“Something that [has surprised] me is how great the Buffalo Bills are playing this year. They were one of the laughingstocks of the NFL but now are doing surprisingly good with a team filled with cast aways and unwanted football player[s],” said Fernando Fregoso, a CSUSB Sophomore and an Oakland Raiders fan.

The Raiders have a big fan base on the CSUSB campus; when walking through the different colleges, or walking through the student union, you are bound to see at least a few Oakland Raiders jersey’s on.

“I’m really surprised by how well [the Raiders] are doing,” said Katrina Ruiz, a CSUSB Junior.

This year in the NFL the Raiders have been doing quite well. Over the first five weeks of the season, they beat the Denver Broncos, the New York Jets and recently the Houston Texans this past Saturday in honor of their Owner Al Davis.

The Oakland Raiders website stated that fans also mourned the loss of Raider’s owner Al Davis, who passed away at the age of 82, Sat. Oct. 8, 2011.
A student even posted on FaceBook, “Oakland Raiders Owner Al Davis Passed Away (R.I.P),” stated Nelson Estevez Jr., in a comment.

The Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys are among some of the students’ favorite teams, but they are also some of the disappointments as well.

“The Denver Broncos really disappointed me because they are my favorite team, and I expected a lot from them; and they kind of let me down,” said Katrina Ruiz.

Disappointments and let downs are all part the entertainment of the game and yet the season is not over, so there is still room to find happiness.

“I feel like the season is going to be the season that many of the young up and coming teams are going to perform and show the other more accomplished teams, in recent years, that they can compete in their level,” said Fregoso.

So far this season has proven to be going quite well, despite the recent scare of the NFL Lockout and almost not having a season.

” I feel that the Raiders have the talent and the direction as well as the motivation to go deep into the playoffs this year,” said Joseph Siy a Sophomore, still backing is favorite team the Oakland Raiders.

You can catch the NFL game days on Sundays on television, or at the Santos Manuel Student Union Pub starting around 8p.m. to 8:30p.m.


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